Point Lookout on Stradbroke “Straddy” Island, Australia.


Point Lookout and its extroverted marine life.

My sister, her husband and me went to Straddy Island for the weekend and camped next to the beach. The first morning we grabbed the binoculars and they took me for a short walk to Point Lookout, where my sister said we might see a turtle if we were lucky.

Point Lookout is a rocky outcrop on a footpath along the coastline. We looked hard but all we saw were rocks and tricks of the light. On our way back however my brother-in-law pointed out a large big down near the water. As it came closer we realised it was a sea eagle, it landed on a tall tree stump a few meters in front of us and started to rip the fish it had caught to pieces. We all fought for the binoculars. Whilst peering at the eagle we caught a glimpse of something jumping out of the water. A ray flapped up and then another. Then another splash, this time it was a dolphin…and then another…and another. It was as if the wildlife was vying for our attention or someone was out there using cattle prods on them. Then came the grand finale. We all gasped as we lifted our gaze towards the horizon to see a huge humpback whale come crashing down in a giant splash. We stood there in silence as the eagle went on with its lunch, feeling as if we’d just walked into a nature documentary

We went back everyday but didn’t repeat the experience, seems they only got paid for show a week…

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  1. vicuna
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    beautiful shots again! :)

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