An Instant Camera Unlike the Others: The Lomo'Instant

The Lomo’Instant is different from all other instant cameras. The lenses and various settings really set it apart from Polaroid and Instax cameras. I bought the Lomo’Instant just last December, and it is already my go-to camera for instant photography.

I have owned an Instax Wide 210 and an Instax Mini 8. The biggest problem I have experienced with these cameras is their flash. The flash goes off in every light setting, for every photo. The *Lomo'Instant* has solved this problem with its C mode. In C mode, you can choose whether you want to use the flash or not. The other great thing is that you can lighten or darken your photos to get the exposure just right.

Other fun settings include taking multiple as well as long exposures at night. Taking instant street photos at night is now a possibility. Playing around the Lomo’Instant with a tripod and cable release at night can create unexpected and amazing photos. You can also experiment with light painting by using your cell phone’s flashlight and sparklers. The MX mode for multiple exposures layers two or more shots onto one piece of film. Combining these different exposure settings can produce unlimited designs.

Another perk of the Lomo’Instant are the three interchangeable glass lenses: close-up, portrait, and fisheye. The close-up lens has easily become my favorite. You can get right up next to your subject and get amazing detail for such a small photograph. Although Polaroid Land cameras do have close up and portrait kits, you also have to focus it perfectly in order to take clear photographs.

The lens that other instant cameras are missing is the famous fisheye. The fisheye lens generates the well-known 170° distortion people love. The only downfall is that the Lomo’Instant uses *Instax Mini Film* and the fisheye effect is minimized.

All in all, the Lomo’Instant has the best instant photography customization. It works well day and night and really accentuates the unexpected beauty that can come from an instant photo.

written by brutemus on 2015-01-15 #gear #review #instant-camera #instant-photography #fuji-instax-mini-film #requested-post #lomo-instant

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