In the Shop: ModCloth

Interview with ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger.

ModCloth is a primo place for all your fashion and home needs. The collections are always a mix of vintage and throw back. The eclectic range is due to new ideas in the fashion retail world. Susan Gregg Koger, one of the founders of, has some progressive ideas in how fashion retail is done. She campaigns to create democracy in the fashion world, letting her customers decide what they want to wear. No fashion dictators here. Power to the people! She’s also a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs: She began tackling the fashion world at the age of 17! Now this is somebody we had to find out more about…

We’re curious. Can you tell us more about the origins of ModCloth?
ModCloth came from my love of thrifting and my inability to leave a beautiful piece of clothing on the rack. My boyfriend (now husband) Eric and I founded the site back in 2002, right after we graduated from high school. It started as a hobby business to help us make some extra money for college, and it has grown tremendously since. We now sell vintage inspired fashion and decor from independent designers to customers all over the world!

What ONE PERSON would you love to have a one on one photo shoot with?
I’ve been pretty obsessed with Chloë Sevigny’s personal style lately, so I’d have to go with her. I think we’d have a lot of fun. Chloe, call me!

You get a golden ticket to shoot for one whole day, any place in the world, where do you choose?
I’ve never been to Japan but I am absolutely enraptured by the street style coming from that part of the world. Also, I love taking pictures of my food, and Japanese food is just plain pretty.

“I never leave home without… : “
Mint chapstick. Can’t get enough of the stuff.

Perfect accessory to go with your camera?
A cute vintage (or vintage inspired) purse, of course!

If you were a Lomography camera, which would you be?
The Diana F+ CMYK, because I love dressing up and standing out from the crowd.

Latest inspiration?
It’s really off-season and kind of bizarre, but lately I’ve been inspired by vintage ceramic Christmas trees. I honestly can’t explain it, but they’re really appealing to me right now.

Favorite time of day to snap photos?
Late afternoon in the spring when everything is glowing. It’s a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the scenery.

What’s next for ModCloth?
We’re going to democratize the fashion industry and change the world! We like to dream big :)

Susan’s Advice of the Day:
Do what you love.

Visit ModCloth as they host their very own Diana F+ Camera Contest! Act fast as the contest is only on from May 13th – May 28th.

Check out these shots by Mara Coombes of the ModCloth crew! :

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