MONO NO AWARE: The Impermanence of Cinematography

MONO NO AWARE captures the ephemeral nature of being through film cinematography. MONO NO AWARE is able to freeze the transitory moments in life and transform it into a beautiful extension of the soul.

MONO NO AWARE is an organization based in New York City that focuses on the transient nature of experimental cinema. Mono no aware is a Japanese term for impermanence. This represents the pathos of being, or appreciation of the fleeting nature of beauty. 物(mono_) is a word that references a thing and 哀れ(_aware) is an expression of deep feeling, awareness. This terminology originated from a cultural scholar, Motoori Norinaga, in the 18th century Edo period.

MONO NO AWARE truly lives up to its name by providing a platform that breaks out of the paradigm of cinema. It has been able to adapt through the times by incorporating many different compositional elements such as sculpture, installation, and performance. The emphasis is placed on creating an ephemeral environment of connectivity and community, as well accessibility.

Last year, we had the pleasure of collaborating with MONO NO AWARE for an awesome workshop in using alternate lenses. The workshop was a huge success, providing filmmakers of all experience levels with a hands-on learning experience! We learned different ways to alter the image and how to mount external lenses to create a unique moving image sequences. This workshop holds a special place in our hearts because we were able to gather to revel in the timeless but fleeting nature of film cinematography.

MONO NO AWARE wrapped up 2014 by holding an awesome exhibition featuring 27 different artists from all around the world. Rain or shine, the show must go on! Despite the less than ideal weather, about 800 people came by to show their support throughout the weekend. Lomography provided the raffle winner with our favorite movie maker, the LomoKino, which was taken home by a film archivist from the Smithsonian Institute in DC.

If you can’t get enough of MONO NO AWARE, check out their educational initiatives with analog filmmaking workshops, and as well as their monthly screening series, “Connectivity Through Cinema”! We can’t wait to see what awesome collaborations 2015 will bring us! Be sure to add them on Facebook as well.

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