My Key to Escaping Digital Confinement: The Lomo LC-Wide


I’m Nick Page, a graphic designer based in the UK. After 20 years of working in advertising, I returned to film photography five years ago and found that the analogue life was just what I needed to get away from the “pixel perfect” images I deal with every day in my job.

Over the years I have built up a small collection of Lomography, toy, and other vintage and plastic cameras: a Holga Jack White, Diana F+, La Sardina DIY, Olympus XA2, Olympus OM10, Olympus Trip 35 and an original Lomo LC-A. But ever since I bought my *Lomo LC-Wide* a couple of years ago it, has become my go-to camera.

In comparison with the LC-A, the LC-Wide is a little bit bigger but a bit lighter and still sturdy enough to withstand the amount of use I’ve put it through. It’s now a little beaten up (or nicely worn in).

It took me a while to get used to the vast field of view. On the first roll of film most of the subjects were miles away in the distance, even though I thought I was close enough! I soon learned that you can never be too close with the LC-Wide.

The lens is so wide and because I have fingers made out of sausages, they kept finding their way into the side of my photos. I had to buy a wrist strap and hold the camera around the edges rather than the way I would normally hold my LC-A. The viewfinder only gives you an idea of around half of what you’ll end up with, so you have to take this into account when composing shots. The work around for this is by buying and attaching the instant back adapter viewfinder.

This manages to cram in more of the scene and is a little more accurate, but also makes the camera less pocketable.

The standard LC-A Splitzer doesn’t work with the LC-W. I presume it’s because it would block some of the lens’ field of vision. However, I’ve found that black tape works just as well. Tape up one half, take the first shot, push the MX switch, move the tape, and then shoot again.

I’ve been lucky enough to have sold a few prints from snaps taken with the Lomo LC-W, and I think that this is a testament to the sharp lens and unusual quality of the images made possible by this great little camera.

Is there a camera in your collection that you keep returning to more than any other?

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    definitely. my LC-Wide! I love my LC-Wide! :D

  2. an4
    an4 ·

    Hier ist die von mir beschriebene Viewfinderproblematik nochmal beschrieben.

  3. alvchrist
    alvchrist ·

    lc-w is too expensi to afford for me

  4. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Nice write-up and great shots! I have a simple LC-Wide splitzer technique you might like to try:…

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