Lomo'Instant LomoAmigo: Britta Burger

Britta Burger is a photographer and long time fan of film photography. She is the fashion editor for Cooler Magazine and founder of Cheap Tricks magazine. Lomography UK lent her a Lomo’instant camera, which she took on a trip to Austria. Catch a glimpse of her scenic instant shots.

Photo: Britta Burger

Hello Britta, tell us about yourself.

I’m a London based photographer and journalist. At the moment I’m working on my first solo exhibition at the ACF London, it’s going to be about documentary style fashion photography as a balancing act between telling the truth and selling things people don’t really need. The show will open on Feb 10th.

How was it shooting with the Lomo’instant?

I decided to shoot a series of snowy nature images in Austria, the dreamy quality of the pictures captured the frosty midwinter feel of the day perfectly, plus the Lomo’instant seemed very sturdy and was straightforward to use.

Photo: Britta Burger

What are the benefits of instant and, in your opinion why is it so popular right now?

A mix of nostalgia for something tangible and the need for instant gratification, you see the result almost as quickly as with a digital image but you still get an analogue mini print.

Photo: Britta Burger

Any tips on shooting with this camera?

Definitely try out multiple exposures. Best not to waste any instant film as it’s pretty precious, so remember that the second image will show up well on the dark parts of the first.

Photo: Britta Burger

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