The Chaudière Waterfalls


Nearby Quebec you can find several waterfalls, the most famous being the Montmorency falls. Despite not being as impressive, the Chaudière waterfalls are a beautiful place to visit and lomograph!

For the World Pinhole Day I decided to visit the Parc des Chutes de la Chaudière, a Park with some nice waterfalls. I wanted to try doing some infrared pinholes and waterfalls seemed a nice subject. Besides, despite being really close to Quebec city (10 minutes) I had never visited that place. So I packed 4 cameras (why bring only a pinhole camera when you can take 4!) films and a tripod and there I went.

These waterfalls are the last jump of the Chaudiere River before joining the Saint Lawrence River. They are 35 meters high and the park presents several lookout points to appreciate its beauty. There is also a great suspension bridge over the Chaudière River that gives a great panoramic view of the zone. The park is completed with some walk trails and picnic zones. You have access to the river after the waterfalls but swimming is forbidden…

The history of this spot goes back 8 thousand years, as it was a passage place for nomad tribes and several artifacts have been found in the zone. In the beginning of the 20th century a hydroelectric central was constructed, though in the 70s was damaged by a big flux of water and finally it was demolished. Nowadays a new small hydroelectric plant is present, the construction of which was polemical due to environmental concerns.

The access to the park and the parking if you go by car is free. You can also go by bike as some bike trials go through the park. The site opens from early May (when the good weather arrives to Quebec) until the end October (when winter approaches).

More information can be found “here”:

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