The Very Cheap Man's Leica!


I saw this camera in an antiques centre where I often head either to chat to the camera guy there or to buy one of the old cameras there. It looked enough like a Leica (from a distance) for me to have to have it. £10 said I could.

The 35X was only produced for 4 years (1959-1963) and offered a 45mm 1:3.5 Triplet glass lens. It also boast 5 shutter speeds (200, 100, 50, 25 and B), and an intuitive frame counter!

Its a great little ‘pop-in-the-pocket’ camera except that it weighs a ton! But its worth building up your muscle to carry it around, ’cos it takes great shots!

Well worth getting if you can get one.

written by rspreston on 2010-05-26 #gear #35mm #review #glass-lens #1950-s #halina-35x


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  1. dogtanian
    dogtanian ·

    i have this camera :D

  2. marmite
    marmite ·

    i have this camera found it on a good old car boot £3 :) yer its great but is heavy for little camera i would highly recomend it :D

  3. esmee
    esmee ·

    I think I'll pick one up one of these days :)

  4. ishoothorizon
    ishoothorizon ·

    I have a Leica M6, Leica M8, Leica III, so what!

  5. josephsnelling
    josephsnelling ·

    I have just bought this camera but can't work out how to load the film. There is no slot to feed the film into. Any help ?

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