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Let’s get to know our fellow lomographer Florian, who’s keeping her music and photography within the boundaries of the analogue world. Check out the interesting interview of panelomo with some great insights on Lomographic cameras!

There’s always an interesting story to every Lomographer – what would be your Lomo story?

My Lomo story started with a little awesome golden piece of plastic called Pop 9. The guitar player from one of my bands has a girlfriend and she’s always had some strange cameras with her. I never was a big fan of photography. My dad often tried to explain my ‘all you need to know about taking photos with analog camera’s but it sounded so complex and strange to me. And then one summer day in 2009, Lisa (my guitar player’s girlfriend) told me she had a gift for me!, and that was a Pop 9. Two weeks later, I bought a Fisheye 2 and after I first developed rolls, I was heavily addicted! Now, I own two Dianas (with all accessories you can get!), two Polaroid cameras, my Dad’s old cameras (Kiev 4, Jupiter 11 Tele, Agfa Selecta, and a Fed 1), a Zorki 3, Voigtländer Vito B and my beloved Lubitel 2!… and as I say on my home – - The Saga Continues.

What is the reason behind your Lomo name “pulex’?

Simple to explain, my name is Florian, and my all my life I’ve been called Flo (my nickname). So if you spell Flo with an ‘H’ behind the ’O’ (Floh), this means flea in German, and in latin flea means Pulex.

Why analog? Why not digital?

I’m also a musician and I love analog synthesizers, guitars and drums. So like in music, digital equipment has no heart, no soul. It might be a good working horse but like I said no soul. And on analog gear you never really know what’s coming out, your not working with presets. All you got is a simple piece of plastic or metal plus a lens and then your doing you own settings and you can go your own way. You have to choose a film first and once it’s in you camera you cant just quickly change the ISO or something. You have to live and work with what you got. And that’s a way of living!

Can you tell us about your best Lomo shot. What, where, and why this photo?

Well, I think that’s constantly changing. But the picture I love the most is from my first X-Pro film. I was in London, and I visited the Lomo shop with a plan. I wanted to buy my first slide film. All they had left was a Fuji Velvia 100. I quickly emptied my Diana Instant Back, mounted the 35mm back and jumped on a bus with my girlfriend. As we passed Hyde Park, we stopped at a traffic light and there was that tree and CLACK! Back in Vienna, I quickly brought it to my lab. Honestly at first I was a bit disappointed, because the photos were all red and I expected green and blue color shifts. Like I said, it was my first X-Pro and I had no idea of how it could look. But the more I looked at it, I started loving this picture.

If you were a Lomo camera, what would you be and why?

Definitely a Lubitel. Not always easy too handle but once your familiar with it, you’ll love it!

What is your Lomo style?

It’s all about colors, picturing my life and my friends, and finding a different point of view.

The Lomography staff is reading this interview right now, and I’m sure they’ll be very interested in your suggestions – what else do you want to see in the “revamped” Lomography website? Your own lomowall in your lomohome, perhaps? Monthly free piggies? Anything! Remember… they are reading this right now.

There should be some kind of board or forum to talk or ask questions to senior Lomographers (as I am still kind of a newbie). A lomowall for everybody’s home would be great too. And there should be a like button for complete albums!

There’s a Lomo Legend that a forgotten Lomo Genie Bottle is lying around the world somewhere out there. If you find this, you only get to choose three Lomo wishes – a Lomo camera that you currently do not own, any film of your choice, and your dream location. What camera? What film? And where in the world would you spend these Lomo wishes?

I’d go for an LC-A. (I’m kinda ashamed that I don’t own one), film would be Kodak Elitechrome 200 (I just tried it once andI loved it! if there was an Agfa CT Precisa 200 ISO, I’d go for it but that’s just a dream), and I’d travel to Tokyo – I’ve never been there, but I have seen so many great pictures. I guess that would be amazing!

Hold on, there’s a fourth wish – who among our fellow Lomographers would you like to collaborate with for this “wish project”, and why?

As this would be my first LC-A experience, I would choose mephisto19. In my eyes, he’s an LC-A Guru!

Just for kicks – Does your Mom know that you like smelling films and that you’re into Lomography?

Yap! Although she always complains that I spend too much money on it!

A very interesting interview indeed! – now, head back to pulex’s galleries and give him some love!

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  1. mikahsupageek
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    Great interview, great lomographer !

  2. pulex
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    thx! and thx again jay!

  3. shoujoai
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    Yeah, great interview and pictures!

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    i agree with u 2 ;-)

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