The Castle of Visegrad (Visegrádi Vár)

Visegrad is situated in north Hungary, on the right bank of the Danube, 30 km away from Budapest, and it is famous of its citadel, and castle. It is a popular destination for hiking, relaxing or dining, and the city offers a wide list of programs for tourists.

The weather was great, it was Sunday, and so we decided with my friends to spend a nice day in Visegrad. It was not the first time; I traveled there, as it is really close to the city I live, Budapest. It only took half an hour to be there by car, what we left at the bank of the Danube. We planned to go up on the hill on foot, which is a 40 minutes hiking upper hill.

The forest was truly amazing, the smells were sweet, and I was shore that with my LC-A I could take some really nice shots there. We went up on the hill, and arrived to the gate of the citadel. A cute white dove greeted us, and some tourists.

In the castle you can see the whole Danube bend, as it was built on the cliffs of the hill. Inside the castle, there is a panopticum about how medieval people lived their lives, during the medieval ages. We learned how a hunt was held, and afterwards how they had a dinner. Flags, costumes, weapons, jewelry, whatever you can imagine.

We spent the whole afternoon visiting every inch of the citadel, but we got exhausted, so we climbed down the hill, and rested under the bridge next to the Danube, before we drove back to Budapest.

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