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There’s someone out there who loves music, likes to take snapshots of staircases, and is raring to capture the beauty of Iceland. Do you have a forecast in mind? Take a look at panelomo’s ‘My Friend’ interview with fivedayforecast!

There’s always an interesting story to every Lomographer – what would be your Lomo story?

Well, when I was in my 8th year of schooling I was really into the band The White Stripes. I was in love with everything they did artistically, musically, and photographically. They were the first ones to introduce me to Lomography with their Jack Holga and Meg Diana+. So I researched the cameras a little more and stared for hours at photos on the Lomography website and became obsessed with the idea of film photography. I played around for a bit with my father’s old Canon AE-1, his high school graduation present, and then went dormant for a year to focus on school.

Then in my freshman year of high school we had to do a research paper on a topic of our choice and I really wanted to do my research paper on TLR cameras because I thought they looked the most complex and interesting. So I went on a mad Ebay hunt and purchased a Yashica Mat TLR for the project planning to dissect it to understand how they worked. I decided to write the paper on something else and actually use the camera instead. That weekend we had a massive ice storm in New Hampshire and we didn’t have power for a week. So that week I decided to use all the old things I could that didn’t use batteries or electronics: the TLR fit in that category. So I shot a roll I’ve been in love with Lomography ever since.

What is the reason behind your Lomo name?

Well, atop of taking pictures, I’m also very into music. In the same year I discovered Lomography I started a band with my friend David our band took the name “Five Day Forecast”. I didn’t think the band was going anywhere so I used that name for everything. Emails, account names; you name it, I used it. My Lomography account just happened to be one of those as well. The band actually started to go somewhere and last summer we released our first full length CD (which we used a film photograph as the cover) and is free on the Internet somewhere. So just bad long time planning on my part.

Why analog? Why not digital?

Well there are many reasons why analog is the way to go. First, I think it really tests your skills as a photographer. If you go out and spend enough money on an amazing digital camera and editing software, sure you’ll have great pictures but to me I think that’s just plain cheating. I truly think to become a master at anything you have to be able to do well no matter what the equipment or circumstances you are given and analog challenges you to work with the least. Secondly, when you use analog anything, film, records, typewriters, it teaches us a virtue that is lost in today’s modern era: patience. We’ve so accustomed to instant gratification that patience is something that’s slowly being forgotten. I think film photographs and Lomography are a great way to teach patience.

Can you tell about your best lomo shot. What, where, and why this photo?

I really have a hard time picking favorites and they are always changing but I think I can narrow it down to one at the moment. I just recently went down to Boston with my girlfriend just for a day trip and we took a jaunt into the Apple store on Boylston Street. I took a picture of a glass staircase not thinking it would come out at all because it was really bright and the stairs were glass. But to my surprise it looks pretty interesting. I really like it because it just really get you just get lost trying to look at all the lines in it. Very geometrical. If you’ve ever stopped by at my Lomohome you’d see I really like two things: Broken down things and stairs.

If you were a Lomo camera, what would you be and why?

I’d have to say I’d be a Holga. I’m sort of a complex person to say the least. I’ve got a lot going on in my head but if you were to just look at me, you wouldn’t think that. But then when I do something like record an album, write a story, take a photo, BOOM out comes what’s in my head and people don’t expect it. I think the Holga is the same way. I have a few Holgas and my Holga CFN CMY is what I take out the most. People usually ask if it’s really a camera and joke a bit but when they see the images it takes their blown away. I’m the same way I guess.

What is your Lomo style?

I think I’m a combination between ‘Shoot From The Hip’ and ’Don’t Worry About The Rules’. It’s odd but the less I use my viewfinder the better the pictures come out. It’s probably a mystic secret of the ages that only LSI headquarters knows. I also find that the less I think about the rules, the better the resulting picture. I’ve never taken any photography classes but when I worry about the few rules of composition and lighting I know, the picture doesn’t look so great.

The Lomography staff is reading this interview right now, and I’m sure they’ll be very interested in your suggestions – what else do you want to see in the “revamped” Lomography website? Your own lomowall in your lomohome, perhaps? Monthly free piggies? Anything! Remember… they are reading this right now.

I first off would say that I think the new website is amazing. Much more friendly and inviting than the old one. However I think it’d be really sick to be able to download albums of photos at a time. My laptop that I stored all my files on died so it was a pain having to go back and re-download each picture individually from the website. But thank God that they stored all of our shots!

There’s a Lomo Legend that a forgotten Lomo Genie Bottle is lying around the world somewhere out there. If you find this, you only get to choose three Lomo wishes – a Lomo camera that you currently do not own, any film of your choice, and your dream location. What camera? What film? And where in the world would you spend these Lomo wishes?

What a fool! Leaving something important like that behind. I’d probably take a Horizon Perfekt, a lasting supply of Kodak Portra 400 VC, and move out to Iceland. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and it’s been the dream of my life to go there.

Hold on, there’s a fourth wish – who among our fellow Lomographers would you like to collaborate with for this “wish project”, and why?

Well I’ve been talking a lot to and collaborating with J-easy right now. I think he’d do a great job at capturing the beauty of Iceland.

Just for kicks – - Does your Mom know that you like smelling films and that you’re into Lomography?

If this was an Instant Chat I’d endlessly type “haha” but since this is in an interview I’ll contain myself. Yeah she does know I’m into this. A lot. I actually was chosen to hold one of the 25th birthday LC-A parties. She was a bit skeptical at first but she’s on board with it now. I’m not sure if she realizes how much I like the smell of freshly used developer though… that’s between me, myself and I… and now the Lomography community as well.

There’s a forecast that once you’ve finished reading this interview, you’ll be heading to fivedayforecast’s lomohome and will leave a few messages on his home. Better yet, visit his photostream and check out his lovely galleries!

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  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Great article and pictures.

  2. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Oh I thought your screen name was a reference to Andrew Bird, but that's cool it's your band instead. Love your work and if you ever make the move to Iceland let me know as I'll be right behind you. That is my dream location.

  3. metzgor
    metzgor ·

    realy beuatiful pictures

  4. disdis
    disdis ·

    What a nice set of pictures!

  5. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    Wicked shots!

  6. paramir
    paramir ·

    amazing gallery. beautiful images.

  7. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Ahhhh! I'm actually possibly going to Iceland soon! Dreams come true.

    And if anybody's interested, you can download my bands album for free here.

  8. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    ... currently listening to track 7 - Developed Film

  9. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Oh yes. Oh yes.

  10. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    great interview, great photographer, great photos ! will listen to the album when i get back from vacation :)

  11. colorarmedcoin
    colorarmedcoin ·

    Wow, the gallery is amazing !

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