Tipster of the Week: Masks for Everyday Amusement


Wearing a mask can be very useful and it varies depending where we are: a mask of a superhero when you’re with the one you’d want to protect, a cheerful kind of a mask for those days when you don’t want anyone to see you crying or you can employ a mask of childishness for you and your camera!

Holga selfmade mask fun! submitted by miaumiau-wildekatze

I know there have been a couple of mask modifications posted for the Holga already but it’s such fun I can´t emphasize and encourage everyone out there enough to go and do their own masks right now!
It’s so simple and gives great results!

What you need

  • a transparent foil, for instance for overhead projectors
  • permanent markers
  • scissors
  • tape
  • the 6×6 or 6×4.5 mask of your Holga
  • your Holga, of course

Step 1
Draw a bunch of 6×6 (or 6×4.5) squares on the foil (you can use the mask and just draw around the outlines) with a permanent marker.

Step 2

Draw anything onto the mask what pops to your mind, with the permanent marker.bFor instance design a frame, hearts, stars, a monster, whatever you can come up with!

Step 3

Cut out the square you designed and tape it over the mask.

Step 4

Put the mask with the foil into its place in the Holga, load film and shoot away!

Learn from mistakes
Keep the foil clean or you´ll have hair and dust on your pictures (can be charming though!) Keep in mind that the mask will be reversed as you take the pic ;)

For sharper lines and masks you can print a graphic on the foil!

written by miaumiau-wildekatze on 2010-05-30 #gear #tutorials #tips #filters #masks #tipster #selfmade #modification #tipster-of-the-week #holga #diana

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