Unique Photos with a Self-created Mask


A very special and extraordinary way to use your Holga is to take pictures with a self created mask. The tools you need for this: scissors (or a knife), thin black cardboard, some tape, fantasy and creativity.

When I had bought my Holga CFN 120, I suddenly threw away the provided 6×4.5- and 6×6-masks. Thinking about something special I had the idea to create my own mask. I’m not very talented to do handicraft work but you don’t have to be the Godfather of the handymen for create your own unique mask…

First, measure the mask of your Holga. The mask of my Holga measures 6.5cm in the width and 7cm in the height. Before cutting out your own mask of the black cardboard you have to add 1cm on both sides of the width. After cutting out this square of 8.5cm and 7cm fold down a loop of 1cm on both sides of the width. You need these two loops afterwards.

Next step: Fantasy and creativity! Cut out the forms you want: little squares, dots, circles, hearts, stars, stripes, triangles – just follow your inspiration! I decided to try it with triangles for the first time as you can see in my pictures.
Afterwards, stick your created cardboard mask over the Holga mask. I really recommend to tape your own mask on the both loops on the left and on the right side and fix your mask. So you can be sure that your cardboard mask can’t move during taking pictures or winding the film. Put the film in your Holga and close the back. I always tape my Holga to avoid light leaks so that the unexposed areas on the film will be black. Then wind the film to 1 and start shooting like you have never done before!

It’s a very cheap and simple modification but the effect is really great! I think you will be very surprised after processing the film – the pictures are amazing, abstract and unique!

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  1. wkdroots
    wkdroots ·

    This inspired me to make a jack-o-lantern mask! To bad the Halloween contest isn't going on anymore =/

  2. cornborn
    cornborn ·

    Hey wkdroots, a jack-o-lantern would be amazing! Mind if I steal the idea? :)
    Great article! Masks FTW!

  3. stickyvinny
    stickyvinny ·


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