Petzval LomoAmigo: Singapore's Darren Poh

Clean, moody and spontaneous are three words to describe Darren Poh’s work. The Singapore-based wedding photographer shot with the new Petzval Lens recently, and talks about his experience in this exclusive interview.

Taken by Darren Poh with the New Petzval Lens

Name : Darren Poh
Country : Singapore
Camera : Canon 5D mk2
Website :

Hello. Please introduce yourself and how you started as a photographer.

My name is Darren Poh, Singaporean and I specialize in wedding photography. Started out as a hobby, interest turned to passion and I jumped at the opportunity to tag to a professional photographer when I had the chance. The rest is history. He became my partner when I turned full time. I have since been shooting in the wedding industry for the past seven years.

Taken by Darren Poh with the New Petzval Lens

How would you describe your photographic style in three words?

Clean, moody, spontaneous

How was your experience shooting with the Petzval Lens?

Interesting lens with unique bokeh, focusing was quite a challenge especially in low light. Tried to work the lens more with wide angled shots and came up with quite interesting results.

Please share your favorite photo from the ones that you shot with Lomography Petzval Lens, and the story behind it.

The lens were used for an actual day wedding, and two pre-wedding photo shoots. One of the pre-wedding photo shoot is for a good friend of mine who specializes in commercial photography and we had a great time experimenting with the lens. It brought out a different mood to the traditional Chinese wedding attire Kua and Ma kua that they wore for the shoot.

Taken by Darren Poh with the New Petzval Lens

Which photography or video project would you dream of making with the Petzval Lens?

Pre-wedding photo shoot in Burano, Venice Italy for the colors.

Do you have any advice for new and future users of the Petzval Lens ?

The lens adds a real unique touch to close-up portrait shots, provided adequate practicing is done to get the hang of focusing.

Interview organized by meerly.

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