Petzval LomoAmigo: Charles from aMusephotographer Singapore

Charles, as he prefers to be called, specializes in pre-bridal and wedding photography. Amusephotographer’s Award winning WPJA lensman likes to “capture the events as they unfold” and hopes that the images would serve as “valuable mementos for the couple to admire.”

He speaks of his brief but eventful experience shooting with the new Petzval Lens in this exclusive interview.

Taken by Charles– Amusephotographer with the New Petzval Lens

Name : Charles
Country : Singapore
Camera : Canon EOS
Website :

Hello. Please introduce yourself and tell us about how you started as a photographer.

Hello, I am Charles from aMusephotographer, pleased to meet you! I am a professional photographer with main interests in pre-bridal and wedding photography. It all started as an interest 10 years ago when I was a weekend volunteer for a non-profit organization, and started photographing their activities and events. My brother also was studying film production then and so I got roped in to be his production photographer. The critical milestone came in 2011 when my wife strongly encouraged me to go full time, and not be held back by fear of the unknown and worry about the cost of supporting my family. I am glad to have such support from her that makes me into who I am now.

How would you describe your photographic style in three words?

Can I use 6? Undefined by styles, but by hearts touched. (Oops, that’s 7 words).

I do my best not to be defined by styles, for what defines might also constrain. I create images based on my artistic instincts.

Taken by Charles– Amusephotographer with the New Petzval Lens

How was your experience shooting with the Petzval Lens ?

It was amazing. I had a lot of fun experimenting with it. Like a fine steed, the Petzval Lens takes patience and skills to handle, and once you get the hang of it, the results can be really amazing.

Please share your favorite photo from the ones that you shot with Lomography Petzval Lens, and the story behind it.

“Three of my favourite series are:

  1. Experimental night scenes photography with various aperture rings. Loved the dreamy and abstract feel produced by the star and tear-shaped aperture rings.
  2. Bridal Portraiture for my friend, blogger/model Shi Wei. We had fun creating concept portraits both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Lifestyle Portraiture for a couple. Thanks to the large aperture, I am able to capture the emotive moments in a relatively dim environment."
Taken by Charles– Amusephotographer with the New Petzval Lens

Which photography or video project would you dream of making with the Petzval Lens?

I feel that I have not unleashed the fullest potential of the Petzval Lens due to the relatively short time I had with it. This lens takes time to master, but once mastered, it will open many new doors in the world of portraiture photography. I hope to shoot more pre-bridal portraits with it in both day and night settings.

Do you have any advice for new and future users of the Petzval Lens ?

This lens will greatly reward anyone who are patient, diligent and have great visions. On a more technical side, I would recommend using magnified Live View to ensure that the images are in focus, especially when using larger apertures. Alas, art is subjective, and many of my favourite pictures are actually not razor sharp in focus. All in all, do not just take pictures of what you see, but what you feel.

Interview organized by meerly.

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