Only in Solitude, Do We Find Ourselves User Rumble


Solitude is the main theme chosen by our previous user rumble winner, venusattack. Express your quiet moments with this rumble, and get the chance to decide about the next user rumble theme if you win!

Photo by: venusattack

“Solitude is the state of being alone. To some, it’s absolutely frightening; to others, it can be miraculously liberating. Whatever the outcome, we try to find beauty in solitary mode: be it a lonesome flower along a deserted road, an isolated bird who got separated with its flock, or even yourself, weary of the buzzings of the world and sharing a quiet, treasured moment by yourself, far removed from society. Show us shots of inhabited territories with no signs of occupation; desolate, deserted & silent shots; or subjects which are not associated with others of the same kind. Let your individuality stand out & embrace the silence…”

- Eve Tan (venusattack)


  • Prize(s): The winner gets to pick the next theme
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated
  • Upload Limit: 3 photos
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height.
  • Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location & 3 tags)

By submitting your photos to this rumble, you allow to use your submitted photos for promotional purposes.

written by shhquiet on 2010-06-11 #news #competition #quiet #calm #solitude #user-rumble #isolation #solace


  1. denial_denial
    denial_denial ·

    Awesome competition.

  2. eddie_2k9
    eddie_2k9 ·

    Mhhhhh. there's something wrong with the end date i think!!!!

  3. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·


  4. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    @venusattack : awesome theme ... very poetic :P
    @LSI : error in the deadline :(

  5. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I'm getting used to this errors... :P

  6. colmeverest
    colmeverest ·

    I've just heard about this competition, but alas, 8 hours too late to submit an entry; it would have been nice to have known about it!

  7. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    Awesome rumble theme, eve!

  8. venusattack
    venusattack ·

    ermm ya, the first time i see this post and the deadline is over?

  9. tiro8
    tiro8 ·

    hey guys, i think maybe the deadline counter thing is broken, so i'm going to just submit photos and see what happens. nice submissions so far by the way!

  10. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·


  11. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    i cannot submit because of an error somewhere, but for what its worth, i would be submitting this one:… :o)

  12. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    I tried to submit last night also...but it wouldn't let me: Here's the photo I wanted to submit:

  13. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Same problem, can't submit. I'd like to submit this one:…

  14. urbansicc
    urbansicc ·

    I cannot submit either, but this is my entry:

  15. nural
    nural ·

    aww why did I miss this!!!

  16. kboboland
    kboboland ·

    not fair!
    the last day of submission they said they were working on fixing the uploader =/ I had some good ones too!

  17. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    ah, can't submit. It says on the comp page that the comp is still!!

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