As much as I love a beach holiday, my favorite type of vacation is a city

As much as I love a beach holiday, my favorite type of vacation is a city
break. I love to walk around unfamiliar cities with camera in hand just
watching people get on with their business. Sitting in an outdoor café
people watching is one of my favorite past times. Somehow it makes me feel
more like I am on holiday when I see people going to and from work while I
have nothing to do other than walk the streets, see new sights and stop of
at a café whenever I feel like it.

Paris has been one of my favorite cities for this reason. There is so much
to see. You can be anywhere in the city and there is always a photo
opportunity. The architectures in this city are stunning. My favorite time
to go for a walk, if I can drag myself out of bed in time, is early morning
just before the sun splits the sky. The colors are amazing.

The tourist attractions are also excellent for people watching. I could
spend all day at the Eiffel Tower if it wasn’t for the scary policemen with
their machine guns. I got some very funny looks from the police when I was
walking about with a tripod poking out of my bag. The Louvre was also an
excellent place to sit about all day. I sat there for ages waiting on the
sun to set so that I could get it to shine through the pyramid. After that I walked along towards the Concorde, which looked amazing as the sun was
setting. This was possibly my favorite part of the break.

written by jamesfrew6 on 2008-04-27 #places #art #culture #food #street #location

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