Mask It!


Add your own flavor to your Lomographs!

Mask has been around for quite some time, but I realized there are more to experiment, and once I started it, I got so addicted to it and now, I even feel almost naked without masks when shooting with my Diana F+!

I first started out with some writings/quotes from my favorite poets, and the first few experiments sort of failed because I didn’t realize I had to turn the mask around or the image on the mask will come out upside down. After doing simple masks, I decided to experiment with color masks, which totally added something magical to the images on top of the patterns I create for the mask!

So, here’s how you do masks.

1. create an image for mask. (I do this with computer, but I’m sure you can go all the way analogue if you want to) The size of the mask should match (or slightly bigger to give it an enough space when taping it in your camera) the size of the frame of your camera you are using.
2. Print it out on transparency. (Transparency could be expensive, but if you print it out on a regular paper and take it to a office supply store to get it copied on transparency, it may cost you less)
3. Cut.
4. Turn it 180 degrees counter-clockwise or the image will come out upside down! (Not sure if it applies to all the cameras, but it does at least for Diana F+)
5. Tape the mask on the frame inside your camera.
6. Load the film over your mask.

There are so many possibilities with mask for you to experiment, and now, it’s your turn to add your own flavor to your wonderful Lomographs!!!

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  1. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    good one.

  2. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    amazing gallery!

  3. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    love the gallery :))

  4. azabanana
    azabanana ·

    very creative! I luv this!

  5. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    The queen of the masks! ;). This is my first masks experiment:… . I looked into your work before I did it to get inspired. I drew the animals in the analogue way... Hope you like my zoo.

  6. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    finally, the tipster ;D

  7. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    can i use a normal paper. and i put a bit of oil drop to it to make the paper look transparent? is it can be?

  8. stouf
    stouf ·

    The queen of masks !

  9. mcrstar
    mcrstar ·

    #3 is awesome

  10. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Oh yea finally a tipster for us :DDD

  11. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Dis rulz

  12. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    i think, its better if you can post the pictures of your mask so that we can estimate the size to fit in the camera. :P

  13. whiteranger
    whiteranger ·

    I will have to try this when I get my Diana Mini!

  14. mojo_lomo
    mojo_lomo ·

    cool idea!

  15. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    I'm going to have to try this soon, love it!

  16. slivinskaja_
    slivinskaja_ ·


  17. marshrutniy
    marshrutniy ·

    What a marvelous idea! Must try! !!

  18. nicx
    nicx ·

    I heart masks!

  19. 1minute1second
    1minute1second ·

    I love your pictures! I'm glad you did a tipster on this. :)

  20. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Thanks for the great article. I looked up Satomi and in Japanese in means "genius photographer". :D

  21. mafa
    mafa ·

    cool idea!

  22. golfpunkgirl
    golfpunkgirl ·

    thanks for the tip, satomi! will use it for a valentines workshop in store! :)

  23. maltacat
    maltacat ·

    i love it!

  24. angelkath
    angelkath ·

    Fantastic idea, I'll definitely try it on my Diana Mini. A couple questions: first, do the masks need to be flipped as well as turned 180 degrees? and second, once you put the mask in you keep it for the entirety of the film, right? (you can't unload and reload the film, so I guess that's how you go about it)

    Anyways, awesome idea, can't wait to play around with it :)

  25. lightblue
    lightblue ·

    amazing tip! thank you so much for sharing! ;)

  26. julita-
    julita- ·

    i can't just wait till i'm trying this out! thank for sharing.

  27. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    great tipster!! :)

  28. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    great tipster!! :)

  29. ahollond
    ahollond ·

    Just tried this - very fun, although a bit tricky with instant film (probably because I didn't put tape in good spots). Definitely going to keep playing with it! Thanks for your helpful instructions.

  30. tacypmurg
    tacypmurg ·

    Thank you so much for your post. I have been wondering how to do masks for a while now.
    Great photos you have there as wel :-)

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