My First Impressions of the Lomography LC-A 120


As soon as the LC-A 120 was introduced to the Lomography community, I was completely hooked. I couldn’t imagine anything better than an LC-A in medium format.

Lomography 50-200 Redscale at ISO 100 in bad weather

Zonderbar sent me a test model and I ended up shooting 10 rolls of film with it! Because it’s made of plastic, it’s very lightweight and it also has an amazing glass lens that takes very sharp photos.

Lomography Earl Grey 100@400 in bad weather

You really have to first get used to such an extremely wide angle lens. Even if you get up 60cm away from your subject, it’s amazing what will fit into the photo! Because of the automatic exposure and many ISO settings, there’s almost nothing you cannot do with this camera!

Lomography CN 100

The optics can also make for a wonderful blur, and for that effect, I especially love the 60cm setting! For some exposures, I used a colored filter by LEE and taped over the exposure meter in order to get a really low ISO setting, which ended up working great!

Kodak Portra 400 in bad weather

For portraits, a wide angle lens isn’t exactly what you’d call typical, but the camera brings a new angle to the matter and it’s really fun to work with!

Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 Cross in bad weather

I exposed so many of the films in bad weather! But that works fine for me, because I enjoy working with dia films with little sunlight.

Agfa RSX 200 – Expired and overexposed with the color filter method

The camera really inspires you to try photographing different kinds of things in medium format. Some of the things I tried out with the LC-A 120 are things I never would have photographed with my Holga or PSix! But the LC-A 120 is perfect for every situation!

Lomography CN 100

Even long exposures with a tripod and cable release work really well. Next time, I would try to overexpose my shots a bit more.

Lomography CN 800

My second-to-last film was 35mm film, which I also found suitable enough for the camera, even if you have to open up the camera and fiddle with the transport.

Kodak Tmax 3200 @1600

The last roll was just for fun and my last bonding moments with the camera. I didn’t want to give it back!

Lomography CN 100

As you can see, the camera is really versatile and I’m already excited to get my own LC-A 120, which should be in the mail at this moment!


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  1. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    thank you @efrost :)

  2. efrost
    efrost ·

    @pearlgirl77 Any time :)

  3. urbanwheel
    urbanwheel ·

    eXCELLENT Dude@ ......Lets join our

  4. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Moinsen @pearlgirl - bei mir passiert es immer noch, das das erste oder letzte Bild in der Entwicklung angeschnitten wird. Vicuna hat mir geraten den Startpunkt des Film am linken Rand des Shutter-Fenters zu legen. Passiert aber immer noch. Hast du nen Tipp? Merci!

  5. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @wil6ka Hallo, ohh den Kommentar habe ich leider nicht gesehen.. ich hoffe du hast das Problem gelöst.. bei mir klappt das mit dem veränderten Startpunkt und mit dem abschneiden des Filmpapieres am Anfang sehr gut, dass sogar manchmal 13 Bilder auf einem Film sind... Falls du das überhaupt liest.. so nach vier Jahren.. haha..

  6. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Moin @pearlgirl77 Mittlerweile habe ich ja 3 Millionen Filme mit der LCA 120 verschossen :) Ich glaube manche von den countern/ advance-mechanisms waren nicht so super geeicht und deswegen gabt es dann groessere Abstände. Bin aber schon bei meiner dritten und alles ist bestens. XO. Herr Willie

  7. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @wil6ka haha.. ja hab ja einige davon schon gesehen und du hast schon dein drittes Model? nicht schlecht.. viel Spaß weiterhin.. freue mich auf weitere Fotos.. wollte mich trotzdem mal melden auch wenns schon lange her ist ;) Grüße

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