Wallpeople: The Largest Mural in Town!


Ever wondered how a real-life Flickr would look like? Instead of uploading pictures to a digital space, the Wallpeople project posts photographs on a public wall. They have invaded 10 cities so far – and aims to continue this hands-on collaborative art project in more cities!

These days, when people want to see some visual inspiration in a jiffy, they turn on the computers and find them online. That’s why it is refreshing for Wallpeople to initiate a street project that reconnects people to a more analogue way of producing art. Currently, they have visited 10 cities including Barcelona, Istanbul, and Madrid, posting up photographs on public walls!

Let’s hear all about it from Pablo Quijano and David Marcos of Wallpeople!

How did the Wallpeople project start, and what was the initial response?
Wallpeople is born in Barcelona as the need to give life to urban art and upon seeing that the streets are losing such form of expression and interaction with people. This goes beyond taking art out of closed spaces, this is an ephymerous museum build by everybody.

The response from people was always very positive, they were identified with the idea, the sharing of photos as they do on the network. This made people start talking about the project and particularly to encourage people to participate.

What inspired you to support this analogue experience of making art, as opposed to digital?

Making art, inviting people to realize the power it has to make art in a collaborative form. Currently Digital has lots of advantages and offers great opportunities to share and communicate any art expression, but at the same time it takes away the charm there is in staring and enjoying a live work of art. This is the principle behind Wallpeople being an analogue experience.

What were the challenges that your organization met, putting up this project?

Coordinating 10 cities and having each person responsible its city understanding and assuming the concepts behind Wallpeople. Time zones and above all having the time to coordinate our personal work with all the workload it means to organice an event of this magnitud. There is always someting to do or improve.

What does “analogical feelings” mean to you?

For us it means tangible things. Things that we can smell, touch and transform. Streets are full of analogical feelings everyday. It is the best places to make art with many people.

People usually prefer digital for its convenience and quick results. How will you convince these people to try analogue?

Analogue was always something close to the people, since it proposes something out of internet. It is funny to see how something that happens out of the Web calls everyone´s attention when in fact everything happens always outside. Another important point was the fact of leaving the experience from a difeerent perspective, from the unknown side, people being both exhibitor and observer. It didn’t matter if you were a professional or an ordinary men. The main idea was always sharing.

You’ve invaded 10 cities, where’s your next stop?

To keep promoting this idea in more cities. It is likely that we do a second edition integrating all the people from several countries that have wrote to us. They want to share their art with their people and with the world. 20 cities or more..why not.

What are the future plans for Wallpeople?

Wallpeople wants to keep spreading the idea of collaborative art on the street. This time it has been an edition based on photography, but there are many ideas on the table so people can keep participating and the world network that this has created keeps growing helping us to create a lot of things together.

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