First Roll with Fisheye 2

Experiencing the Fisheye 2 lomo camera brings about two basic things: fun and excitement!

Experiencing the Fisheye 2 camera brings about two basic things: fun and excitement. Fun, in the sense of peeping through the view finder and seeing the world in a different perspective, literally; and excitement, in awaiting what comes out as soon as the film gets developed.

Playing around with the Fisheye 2 exercises your creativity and imagination. Ordinary views can become obscure in a cool way. Its multiple exposure function leads to a whole new visual delight. And lastly, its long exposure capacity enables stillness in motion. This camera is surely an amazing companion to walk around with, wherever and whenever.

Here’s the first roll of film shot by my Fisheye 2 named “Frankey”. Hope you like it!

written by antibiotyx on 2010-11-08 #gear #review #long-exposure #lights #multiple-exposure #first-roll #fisheye-2 #cityscapes

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