Bratz Toy Camera


Cheap, crappy, plastic thing with really good results! Something I had not expected, but it seriously gave me some of the most awesome snaps under the sun!

Out of a mood, I went into a toy store and asked for a camera. They had one and I had to buy the doll, too. The camera is a cheap, little, crappy plastic thing but it works. You put the film in and unroll the entire film into the camera, so the shots you took are more or less safe inside the canister, if a child (or you) opens the back of the camera. Clever! I loaded it, took two films and liked the results.

From my first and second roll.

I directly loaded a third film (Fuji Sensia 200), shot half the roll and put the camera away. I forgot to use it for a while and some weeks ago during sunshine, I got it again, shot the roll and am very surprised about the results again. clear, sharp, a bit crappy, funny, nice, intense… You should really try to get one of those… It is worth to spend so less money…

Snaps form my third roll.

The doll ended up in a tram in Hannover. Thought someone will fin dher and love her and give her a new home…

Oh… and remember to only shoot with this when it’s sunny! ;)

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  1. yoscolmi
    yoscolmi ·

    yeah, the bratz! :)

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Great gallery and cute love camera. I wonder why,nowadays, they make cameras so confusingly complicated and expensive while simple cams can just do so good?? Hahaa....

  3. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful gallery, heinously cute camera. I think Kalimar made these sort of things for the toy companies, and they can be amazingly good. The fad for Bratz came and went several years ago. To find this sort of stuff, check out the bargain section in places like Toys R Us. It will be a very cheap buy, and foist the doll or whatever on your 8 year old daughter/niece/neighbour's kid.

  4. bethangallagher
    bethangallagher ·

    Thank you! After reading this i am going to keep a look out for a Bratz/Kids camera, definately not worth the money for a more expensive digital camera when you can achieve such beautiful pictures with a camera like this! :)

  5. glenn
    glenn ·


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