Valencia Town Center Mall Parking Lot (Valencia, CA)


The parking lot of a mall might not seem like a great location, but it all depends on what is going on while you are there.

The Valencia Town Center Mall Parking Lot is a lot like any other mall parking lot, except this one is sometimes the focus for a lot of fun events. My wife and I have visited the mall for many reasons, shopping, of course, but also to watch fireworks on 4th of July, have fun at a carnival, and to test our cameras.

The massive parking lot is dwarfed by the gigantic mall which offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, but more often than not I find myself fascinated by the parking lot and the connected parking garage. The 5 level parking garage offers a great view of the city and is especially important for sunsets and watching the yearly 4th of July fireworks.

Not to leave the the main parking lot out because when it is not holding shopper’s cars, it carries the weight of massive amusement park rides, when the carnival rolls into town each year. The carnival has it all; a huge ferris wheel, roller coasters, a fun house, and plenty of games and food. We tried to win a goldfish but we just couldn’t get the ping pong balls into the fish bowls.

The parking lot also has been host to a few races, such as the yearly Santa Clarita marathon and the Amgen California bike race. These races attract thousands of people and provide great photo opportunities.

I like finding places that have more to them than meets the eye and that is exactly what I have found here, because to most people it is just a parking lot, but to me it is a place to have fun.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled if you visit because a lot of times popular TV shows are filmed here as well, such as CSI, Chuck, and NCIS.

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    I have been to Valencia 3 times! recently, in January!

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