LomoGuru of the Week: andrejrusskovskij


He’s a photographer extraordinaire who can whip out fantastic portraits whatever film he used. Shooting mostly with a Lubitel 166+, he aims to present his life in a colorful, surreal, and exaggerated manner. Give a loud round of applause for our newest LomoGuru, Andrea Russo!

Andrea Russo aka andrejrusskovskij

Name: Andrea Russo
LomoHome: andrejrusskovskij
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Number of years as a Lomographer: 4 years
Number of years in the Community: 3 years

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

My name is Andrea. I am 27 years old, Italian-born, and a veterinarian currently settled in the UK. Oddly enough, before starting university, I was torn between this career and entering an art academy. Eventually, I chose to pursue arts as a hobby. I like my job but it’s definitely not my only goal. As soon as I’m off from work I do something completely different.

I love the big city life which is most likely a consequence of growing up in a small town located in a valley surrounded by the Alps. Funny enough, I ended up on an island, pretty much cut out from the rest of the world. Life can be wicked sometimes! Before moving here, I spent eight months in Berlin and I entirely lived its fizzling, creative, alternative vibes on my skin. This experience had a huge impact on me and it made me aware of my needs.

Things I love the most? Urban street art and architecture, abandoned places, alternative and electronic music, unconventional art, Vietnamese food, woods, travelling, and meeting inspirational people.

Aside from my LomoHome, you can also reach me via my website and Facebook account.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

Tell us something about your LomoHome’s name. Why did you decide to have that username?

Both my name and surname are very popular in Italy. I’ve never considered myself ordinary and I’ve always felt my name was quite mainstream. I decided to “Russianize” it into Andrej Russkovskij in order not to share the same name with thousands of other people.

Share your most memorable experience in the community.

Seeing my pics in advertisements for Lomography products, maybe? But I’ll say the overall support, appreciation, and great feedback that the community always gives me.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends? If yes, name at least one of them.

I had the chance to meet Tim (artichekt) while I was in Berlin and I felt at ease the whole time. I consider some of the people in the community, like Marta (marta1901) and Adrian (tall_bastard), as my good friends even if we haven’t met yet. Actually, in a couple of weeks, I will meet Marta in Madrid but it really feels like I know her already. Lately, I’ve been surprised to find out how Nick (nicocoow) and I live parallel lives.

Do you think you’ll still be taking Lomographs in the next 5 years? Why?

Yes. It makes me feel alive. It gives me thrills and fills my lungs. There would be no reason to quit.

What is your favorite Lomo camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences using this camera?

Lubitel 166+ used to be my first choice before I tried my father’s old Olympus OM-10 that allowed me to shoot indoors with bad lighting conditions and take close-ups. Unfortunately, it got broken and ruined some of the last rolls I took. Currently, I’m back with my Lubi.

Memorable experiences with it? I guess the first Lubitel rolls I developed. I was used to the grains of my Diana Mini and the incredible sharpness of the Lubitel was like a dream to me. Sometimes, it still surprises me!

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

Please share with us your favorite lomograph and explain why you love that particular image.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

It sums up perfectly who I am as a photographer and what I like shooting the most: portraits in abandoned places or urban scenarios. I love the whole creative process so much.

Please share a Lomograph you wish you had taken and explain why.

Credits: tall_bastard

I fell in love with this shot the very first time I saw it. Adrian caught Kinga’s movement as if it was a standstill and managed to skillfully do it. The sparkling background and the light on her face and fringe make the shot even more magical.

What’s the best Lomographic or photography advice you think you have given?

To be honest, I haven’t given any advice yet. I’m very weak in terms of technicals. I don’t use light meters for instance. I’ve learned how to use my cameras because of my own mistakes.

If there’s one song or movie that best describes your Lomo life, which one is it and why?

Tim Burton’s Big Fish, I’d say. My pics are true and fake at the same time. Everything takes place in real life but my aim is to depict it in a more colourful, surreal, and voluntarily exaggerated way.

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

Be humble. Take criticism in a constructive way. Try again and again and don’t give up until you reach your goal. Try to find your own style and focus on the things that make you feel good. Be enthusiastic but not arrogant. Never feel like you have nothing more to learn and never stop looking for inspiration.

written by icequeenubia on 2014-11-30 #videos #lifestyle #lomoguru #lomoguru-of-the-week


  1. gepo1303
    gepo1303 ·

    welcome to the Guru-Club :-)

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Congrats Guru. I can't believe you're very weak in a technical term because your photo are technically very good

  3. nanigo
    nanigo ·

    Interessting interview! Iam a big big fan of your pictures!! And so iam also surprised you saying you are weak in technical terms, bc i guess i always expected a professional behind this pics ;) Wonderful, keep going!

  4. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    Congrats @andrejrusskovskij! I agree with what @hervinsyah and @nanigo said, you take professional quality photos and I'd not say you were weak in technical terms at all.

  5. yonosoydeaqui
    yonosoydeaqui ·

    You may be weak in technical terms but take pictures like a pro!

  6. tall_bastard
    tall_bastard ·

    congrats! :)

  7. euripidesaltintzoglou
    euripidesaltintzoglou ·

    nice one!

  8. akula
    akula ·

    Congratulations @andrejrusskovskij

  9. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Congratulations, your work is great @andrejrusskovskij!

  10. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    congratulations @andrejrusskovskij ! love your pics!

  11. marta1901
    marta1901 ·

    loved reading you my friend @andrejrusskovskij <3 We already spoke about some of the things you mention in the interview but it's always a pleasure to discover new things about you and your passions :) Well deserved lomo-guru!

  12. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    @icequeenubia thank you very much for the interview and thanks everybody for using your time to read it :D

  13. fotobes
    fotobes ·

    great interview - congrats!

  14. fotobes
    fotobes ·

    great interview - congrats!

  15. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    congraaaaaaaaaaaats guru @andrejrusskovskij :D

  16. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    @gepo1303 @tall_bastard @euripidesaltintzoglou @fotobes @adi_totp @alex34 @akula @pearlgirl77 thank you my friends, you're awesome! @hervinsyah @nanigo @alienmeatsack @yonosoydeaqui now you know the truth ;) but I'm glad you find it hard to believe! @marta1901 guess I'm becoming quite predictable :) hope to see you again very soon

  17. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    Wowwwwww!! love your style my bro <3

  18. grazie
    grazie ·

    Congratulations Andrea ! Awesome photos you got and you inspire us. @andrejrusskovskij

  19. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    @sobetion @grazie thank you my friends for your nice words :)

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