Creating Your New Life Style in The IKEA (Taiwan)


We went to the IKEA and acting like walked on ourselves home. Try to do anything you will do at home. Come to Ikea and show how will u play with those stuff.

YEs.! If you already took a lot of pics about the outdoor. Then, you should try to took some pics about the life. There are including multiplicity area of the house you might not to pay attention on it.

Ikea connecting with the life. It has the kitchen, where you can make ur meal sharing with ur friend or family. You also can make a coffee sit in front of the kitchen table alone.

Pick up a style of room you like most. Imaging how u relax and sleeping on the comfortable bed. The decoration of the bedroom are varities for you.

Then, go to check the chilren world. You will find out a lot of kids pace up and down in the space they like.
You also can heard the laugh or screem sounds come out with those kids. Watching the pics of that. That is the most natural one and cherish.

Come to Ikea and sharing what will u use this space on your life. Or look at the those people and take a pic for them. The girl sit on th sofa with her’s boyfriend. The couple play with their kids in the Game area. With the family, talking in the living room.

Shooting, recording your life also.

written by hippopo0838 on 2010-05-08 #places #location #kaohsiung-taiwan-ikea-toy-children #house-room-bed

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