balaton bustrip 2008


so we have our two winners:

so we have our two winners:

1. the correct numbers: panickedandroid

2. for his fantasies about witchhunts: wilber

congratulations, your prizes are on their way!

so the magic number was 28, and 14 of us are working for lsi.

we left vienna on a friday afternoon, where we arrived just on time to watch the middle of the guiness world record attempt for the longest concert… 216 hours. after enjoying the sounds hungarian guitar stars for about 10 minutes we started our bar crawl which ended with sunrise seeing in the lake.

saturday had the complete lake program: chilling on the beach, waterpark fun and a 2 hour boatride, a boat with bar just for us! then to a lovel restaurant for a typical hungarian dinner: gulyas and palinka.

on sunday we tried to get our mind clear in the outoor thermal spa and then fell asleep in the bus entertained by a classic terence hill bud spencer joint.

some more pictures in the previous bog

written by danika on 2008-08-06 #news


  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    congrats to the winners

  2. panickedandroid
    panickedandroid ·

    Thanks mephisto! I just got the camera in the mail yesterday and immediately loaded it. I took it to work and everyone loved it! I can't get over how cool it is. Can't wait to see the prints. Muchas gracias a lomografia!

  3. panickedandroid
    panickedandroid ·

    Oh, and that trip looks like so much fun! Beautiful pictures guys!

  4. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    nice pictures LSIcrew!!

  5. ilovekotatsu
    ilovekotatsu ·

    Congratulations guys!!!

  6. wilber
    wilber ·

    Thanks guys!


    It arrived on my birthday and we instantly used it to record our monopoly marathon!


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