Crisp Night Shots Taken with the CineStill 800 Film


Night time photography is easy as 1, 2, 3 with the CineStill 800.

Credits: antiox

Low light? No problem. Just load a roll of *CineStill 800 Tungsten XPro* film in your 35mm camera and you’re sure to take home crisp, vibrant shots even when shooting at night. It’s all thanks to this film’s high speed and ability to render colors well even under artificial light. Get stunning night shots fit for a silver screen scene with the *CineStill 800 Tungsten film*!

Credits: antiox, lzyrich, titaniummike, grazie, -dakota-, alienmeatsack & tesatscad

Try out new films at Lomography’s New Films Section. Experiment, explore, and expand your analogue horizons with new film offerings that can enrich your shooting experience further. The *Cinestill 800 Tungsten Xpro* film can prove to be a great start with its rich colors and tones that are cinematic in quality.

written by cheeo on 2014-11-18 #lifestyle #cinema #tungsten #movie #cinestill-800


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Awesome. Recently buy the cinestill 800 but I'm very nervous because my only camera which can shoot at night, Lubitel 166+, haven't get a great night shoot result yet. Maybe I have to save first for fixing my fisheye camera

  2. doppelgangerdev
    doppelgangerdev ·

    God, I love these. Cuts into the darkness beautifully.

  3. holgaroy
    holgaroy ·

    Hi, may I know do you shoot these photos using bulb mode or normal mode? If in bulb mode how long is the exposure duration? I just bought a roll of Cinestill 800T too!

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