Elephant Riding in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Elephant riding is one of the most fun and exciting activities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Last April, my dream finally came true and got the chance to ride an elephant. It was a blast!

Phutawan Elephant Camp is an hour drive from Chiang Mai and one of the many elephant camps in the province. This destination is part of the one-day trekking tour that we booked (or haggled) for only 600 baht. Cheap, huh? To get to the actual camp, we had to cross a long hanging bridge. I’ve been to Thailand twice before, but it was only when I visited Chiang Mai last April that I finally had the chance to ride an elephant.

Elephant riding was exciting and scary at the same time. There were occasions when we felt like we’re gonna fall right off the seat as the elephant cruised down steep slopes. The ride was way too bumpy, but we had a blast! The most exciting part for me was when the elephant walked down the hill and crossed the river. After the one-hour trip, we also got to feed the elephants bananas and take more pictures with them.

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  1. squamy
    squamy ·

    Lovely article! :)

  2. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    yeah, i idid this in near chaing mai too. it was so much fun (and a bit scary)...

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