Welcome to Canyon Woods, Tagaytay


Canyon Woods is this refreshing “residential resort” in the Metro Tagaytay-Taal area. Even though the subdivision is actually located in Batangas, it offers homes with a good view of the Taal Lake.

Canyon Woods was built on the side of the mountain, with the entrance on the top. Upon entering the gate, you can get off your car and just have a breathtaking view of the whole subdivision! There is a long downhill and winding road that leads to the houses, and it really gives you the country-side feeling – you know you are faaaaaaar from the busy city! Even the houses were built as if you really are in the woods with each one uniformly designed as a log cabin (although none of them were made with wood)!

We stayed here for a night at our friend’s house for a quick getaway for the busy lives we’ve started to live. The weather was so cool in the evening and it was such a relaxing place to bond with friends over beer, chips and instant noodles!

The morning after, I decided to bring out my cameras and to take a walk. It was a great exercise to explore the subdivision on foot since all of the streets were steep and zigzagged all over the place! We were about to turn back and head home after a few blocks going downhill, since we didn’t feel like far away under the noon sun. I was really delighted, however, when we came upon a hanging bridge! It made me so dizzy after I had crossed it, but it was worth the risk! It wasn’t that high, and you could see you would simply fall on all sorts of plants, but it rocked so much in all four directions!

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