Easy Tips and Ideas to Shoot the Lomo'Instant in the Daylight


Apologies for making you go through my “weekend with my BFFs” shots, but I do want to share with you some easy tips and ideas to shoot your Lomo’Instant in the daylight and outdoor. This is especially aimed at people who don’t read manuals.

While other people from the Lomography team get full-on creative and fancy, my biggest tip is an easy one. It is to always remember that you can change the aperture depending on the light conditions to get the best shot you can.

This is written somewhere in the manual but I assume that 1) People don’t read manuals, and 2) You don’t necessarily know what aperture is.

Changing the aperture

So, the aperture determines how much light will go through your lens. On the Lomo’Instant it is set on “A” for Automatic (classic), but you can change it for +1, +2, -1 or -2 which gives you more options. It is on the top right when you look at the lens.

+1 +2:
In conditions where the light is not so great outside, for instance in shadows, in a city where buildings block the light, in a forest, you’ll want to use these settings.

The aperture will get bigger = more light will go through the lens = the photo will be brighter (to compensate with the low lighting conditions).

A typical forest picture taken on +2

-1 -2:
Reverse! The pictures below have been taken on a bright day. When I saw that it was slightly overexposed on A, I’ve toned down a bit the light and set it on -1, and you can actually really tell the difference.

Tuileries on A mode
Tuileries on -1 mode

You will quickly judge what settings would work best. Just for the reference, the equivalent apertures are f/8, f/11, f/16 (=A), f/22, f/32.

Testing Colors in the daylight

The camera comes with color filters that you can put on the Flash. A quick idea I tried is to stick it on the lens instead of the Flash.

I have to admit that I love this Große Wurst picture, maybe because of the mustardy effect.

Wurst and yellow filter = My favorite equation
Blue Filter on the Reichstag

And more generally don’t be afraid to take cliche pictures, have fun, go wild etc.

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