Finally, My Own Petzval Lens


In April of this year I had the chance to test the Petzval Lens and to write a review on it for the German photography forum Kwerfeldein. The lens excited me from the very beginning, at the time it was introduced on Kickstarter. I was afraid that once I had tested the lens, I would want to have one of my own! Well, that’s what happened; a year later, I finally bought my very own Petzval lens.

My report on the Petzval Lens was published on August 30, 2014 on the website Kwerfeldein. I also recently wrote on about it: Mein Petzval Report for Kwerfeldein.

Credits: pearlgirl77

The Petzval left an impression on me that I couldn’t forget. I was so spellbound by this unique lens that I decided: I’M SAVING UP FOR ONE! So I sold another lens of mine and friends and Lomographers supported me! Thanks to these kind people, I now have my very own Petzval Lens – and it will always be my possession!

Credits: pearlgirl77

You can also read my First Impressions of the Petzval Lens in another article I wrote. After previously having to go a few months without the lens, I recently shot four rolls of film in three days after getting my own lens! I’m fascinated by the sphere of blurriness and, of course, the bokeh. Even if you don’t have a background that will get you the typical swirly Petzval bokeh, you’ll be left with pleasantly blurred bachground. After my first tests, I decided that you really have to have the subject in the middle of every picture, where the sharpness is.

Credits: pearlgirl77

Up until this point, I’ve done three portrait photo shoots and am already looking forward to my next one, wherein I really want to emphasize the swirly effect. The lens already does well in rooms with neutral backgrounds with a light blurriness.

Credits: pearlgirl77

I most enjoy walking through nature to capture her beauty and phases of the year. The Petzval Lens is perfect for that in combination with close up lenses.

Credits: pearlgirl77

Aside from that, I even took some street photos. With street photography, I’m actually more of a wide-angle-fan, but I wanted to give the lens a chance. I’m really happy with the results. The 85mm gives you a completely different perspective on the city.

Credits: pearlgirl77

I also wrote an article about the first film I shot with my very own Petzval Lens: Fresh from the Lab: My First Film with my New Petzval Lens. If you follow me, you’ll see a ton of Petzval photos in the future. Maybe I’ll even write a bit more about it, once I take a few more photos!


The New Petzval Lens is a reinvention of the famous Petzval Lens from the 19th century that made photography history many years ago. It’s available in the standard brass or in black and can be used with Nikon and Canon cameras. Enjoy the amazing swirly effect wherever and whenever! You can order the New Petzval Lens here in the Online Shop. Find out more about it at the Petzval Microsite.

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