Hands-on Experience with the Lomo'Instant


What I got is the Lomo’Instant Black Edition. Its texture and finish is quite simple, and could work as creative space for someone who’s into DIY and decorations. In terms of form, it is very handy and acceptable in size. I also love the camera strap that makes it easy to carry.

Amazing functions including the MX ( multiple-exposures ), internal flash light and long exposure, which allow you to be creative with your shoots. Such features make the Lomo’Instant very attractive for an instant camera.

However, I found out that it isn’t as easy to use. The “A” mode with flash can always produce good pictures, but the background might turn very dark in indoors or on a cloudy day. For creative mode, you need to test it a few times to get the right exposure by adjusting exposure values. On my first few attempts at shooting MX photos with creative mode during the daytime, I wasted some film to get a right exposure.

It is necessary to double check the setting when using the C mode. The internal flash is convenient, but it’s easy to get over exposure in the center when the MX function is used. Sometimes, it’s better to mix and match different functions and explore how it turns out.

Based on my experience, it is more dynamic using C mode in the daytime. If you want to take MX photos with sky and shadow, using the -2 value works better when taking photos of the sky. For the other shot, use A value. If there is not enough daylight or if you want to shoot something close up with C mode, +1 or +2 might get better results.

For party and indoor photos, C mode with flash light should be a better choice instead of A mode. It should capture more things in the background if you use B(long exposure) and flash.

Overall, it is a great, convenient and creative instant camera. It is good for shooting portraits and close up objects. To get familiar with this camera, however, you might need to spend few packs of film for practice.

Order your Lomo’Instant at the Lomography Online Shop .

written by sanamiii on 2014-11-18 #gear #review #instant-camera #instant-photography #instax-film #lomoinstant

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  1. djw
    djw ·

    I would be grateful if someone else could share their experience. I am a bit dissapointed by the quality of the photo, which, under bad light condition, tends to be dark, dark, and darken than dark... despite the fact flash always goes off. I have put light sensor under some rough test, based on pointing my 150lumen headlamp towards the sensor hole, which, suprisingly has not changed flash intensity in any maner... I assume this as very strange. Any experience from your side?

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