Petzval Artist: Professional Photographer Derrick Ong from Singapore

Derrick Ong’s portraits give off a feeling of nostalgia and old-world charm. The Singapore-based photographer specializes in pre-nuptial and wedding shoots, and loves to capture moments in vibrant hues as well as in black and white. In this exclusive interview, he tells us about his experience shooting with the New Petzval Lens.

Taken by Derrick Ong with Petzval Lens

Name : Derrick Ong
Country : Singapore
Camera : Nikon D4s
Website :

Hello. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your work. How did you start as a photographer?

I am a wedding/portrait photographer and I shoot both wedding day and pre-wedding. I like vibrant film color and contrast-y black and white. I started picking up photography during my poly days and the first few weddings I shot were on film.

How would you describe your photographic style in three words?

Abstract, mood and expressive.

How was your experience shooting with the Petzval Lens?

The Petzval lens is an amazing lens that produces charming artistic bokeh which is not possible to recreate using any software. It creates film-like texture that is not seen in any other lenses that I have. On the contrary, to get spot on sharpness on the subject at wide open F2.2 will require a fair bit of practice.

Taken by Derrick Ong with Petzval Lens

Can you please share your favorite photo from the ones that you shot with Lomography Petzval Lens, and the story behind it?

With the Petzval lens, I have arranged three photo sessions:
1) Actress/blogger Silver Ang: I arranged a concept shoot with my good friend Silver Ang and we had a great time capturing concept portraits with the Petzval lens.
2) Ballet Dancer: I have arranged a ballet dancer for me to test the focusing speed
3) Casual pre-wedding

Which photography or video project would you dream of doing with the Petzval Lens?

An overseas pre-wedding portrait.

Do you have any advice for new and future users of the Petzval Lens ?
The Petzval lens is a really good lens but due to it is manual focusing I will suggest lots of practice and understanding of the lens’ character before using it for any assignment.

Taken by Derrick Ong with Petzval Lens

Interview organized by meerly.

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