Petzval Artist: Portraits by Koh Sze Kiat


Koh Sze Kiat is a part of Oddinary Studios, a Singapore-based photographers’ collective that specializes in commercial, advertising, editorial and wedding assignments. He shot with the New Petzval Lens recently, and shares his favorite photos and insight in this exclusive interview.

Taken by Koh Sze Kiat with the New Petzval Lens

Name : Koh Sze Kiat
Country : Singapore
Camera : Nikon D3X, D800
Website :

Hello. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your work. How did you start as a photographer?

I am a self-taught photographer and turned full time upon graduating with a bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. As I did not want a desk bound job, I decided to give photography a try and I have been shooting for nine years already!

How would you describe your photographic style in three words?

clean, perspective-controlled, simple

How was your experience shooting with the Petzval Lens ?

Interesting to use the lens although not the newest concept. The design has made it easy to change the aperture and customize the preferred style each time.

Taken by Koh Sze Kiat with Petzval Lens

Please share your favorite photo from the ones that you shot with Lomography Petzval Lens, and the story behind it.

I was in the middle of a studio shoot and took a break to step out of the studio. The late afternoon light was hitting the carpark so beautifully that when I returned, I requested another break so that I could execute a few shots with the beautiful light.

Which photography or video project would you dream of doing with the Petzval Lens?

Probably something thematic as a series, one that could capture a variety of expressions in a portrait lit up with a interesting background bokeh.

Taken by Koh Sze Kiat with Petzval Lens

Do you have any advice for new and future users of the Petzval Lens ?

It is not easy to get the focus right on especially when shooting handheld or low light. Best is to quickly punch out a few shots in sequence while adjusting the focus at the same time. This will ensure a better hit rate of a sharp shot but of course, a blur shot can be equally beautiful when it has feelings and emotions attached to it.

Interview organized by meerly.

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