Tipster of the Week: Cause Instax Can't Wait for My Close-up


With the availability of the Instax back for the Lomo LC-A+, It’s such a convenience especially for the impatient Lomographers – they will never have to wait for another hour to see their analogue efforts! Yay! And with these new addition to the growing army of the Lomo LC-A accessories, now there’s more room for experiments! Isn’t this what we came here for, yeah? Read on to learn the latest trick from this week’s Tipster!

Lomo LC-A Instant Back Distance Test submitted by dogtanian

Been wanting to use the Diana close up lens or a macro lens on your Lomo LC-A+ with the instant back, but not sure of the distance, use this tip to find the distance to find it without wasting precious film :D just follow these steps, hope this doesn’t sound to complicated!

1. First, grab hold of an empty film holder and push against the springy section that pushes the film forward, push it from the side where the film would have been and the whole back should just pop off.

2. Take some tracing paper or other semi transparent material and trace round the film holder to get a rough shape then cut it out a little smaller than the area you drew and carefully blu-tac it in place against the “ledge” which holds the film in.

3. Place the modified film holder in the back of the camera, keep the door open and cover the light meter with some blu-tac or something similar to keep the shutter open then put your lens onto the camera and open the shutter and point it towards a light source (candle works best) and move in and out till the image of the candle is in focus and then just measure that distance and there you have it!

The Diana lens goes from about the normal 20cm down to around 14/15cm, my macro lens came up at around 5cm.

written by dogtanian on 2010-05-02 #gear #tutorials #macro #close-up #instant #lc-a #candle #tipster #diana-lens #tipster-of-the-weel


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice adaptation of Mandi's cigarette paper trick for the Holga ! I really LOVE the last shot...

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    number 6 is banging yo

  3. nina2008
    nina2008 ·

    14 rocks!

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