An Easy Way to Store Instant Pictures

Here’s a handy tip for storing photos using something that you already have in your bag and is good for the environment.

Using a recycled Instax film box for storage

So you have finally taken some wonderful pictures with your new Lomo'Instant, but what to do with them? You could stick them in your pocket, but if there are other things like phones or keys in there, you run the risk of either dropping or damaging them. Or worse, putting them through the wash.

Pictures spilling out from the box

A nice, simple, and environment-friendly way to store the photos is to use the box that the film came in. Chances are, you have brought a few cartridges with you and are at some point going to need to replace the one in the camera when it runs out.

A common Instax film box

A 10-shot box will easily hold 20 exposed pictures. The boxes are easy to store and label (masking tape is your friend), and won’t take up any extra space in your camera bag as it had already contained the box before you even used the cartridge.

Pictures inside the box

The hangsell, or the little tab on the top of the box used when it’s put on display, can be folded over to seal the box to prevent any photos from falling out.

A sealed box

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