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We all have our own prized collection of analogue cameras at home but Mijonju is definitely one of a kind! He has a regular web video on youtube that proudly showcases and reviews new and old acquisitions. We exchanged a few words with him and here’s what this collector has to say!

The internet is truly a wonderful thing. You can practically find and buy anything off the bay, search for answers to questions you’ve always wanted to ask and we get to connect and reconnect with long-lost friends, family and in our case, fellow analogue aficionados! We were cruising the net recently and we chanced upon The Mijonju Show which features a series of web videos that tackle and review quite a great deal of analogue stuff! Here’s a little something about Mijonju straight from his mouth:

Naturally, we had to get a hold of him and ask a few questions. Here are his answers. Enjoy!

How long have you been shooting film?
I shoot film from time to time, My Mom was a photographer, my Dad used to work for Kodak. I started seriously shooting about 2+ years ago.

How long have you been collecting analogue cameras and what was the first camera?
I’ve been collecting for bout 2 years. I realize that it’s not Photography that interests me, but rather it’s the cameras. My first film Camera was the Minolta SR-T 101b, which I got it from my mom.

What is your favorite analogue camera to shoot with?
It changes from time to time. May I List out at least 3? They are not in order, and I choose them with the same amount of love. In Alphabetical order: KONICA C35 FD (auto s3), LOMO LC-A and Canonet QL17.

What is your most prized analogue camera?
It has to be the Konica c35 FD. I have like 3 of them: silver, black and the international
version “KONICA Auto s3”. I like it because of some of its limitations and to me it seems like these shortcomings talk to me… (“No you can’t go any where nearer, so Mijonju what should you do? How would you turn this image into something interesting? think quick the subject is about to react.”) Haha sorry, if I don’t make sense :)

When and why did you start your series of videos in youtube?
I started shooting and uploading back in November 2009, If I remember correctly. It was just a rough explanation on some camera’s shutter, then a friend of mines aid. Wow now you have a show. So, The Mijonju Show was born!

See more of Mijonju’s videos at his Youtube Channel and some of his shots on his flickr

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  1. mijonju
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    thanks!, I should continue with the video soon.. sigh busy with work. more vids coming up!

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    mijonju show the best!!!

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    Woop! Woop! It's a bout time the Mijonju show got a mention! ;D

  4. myriam-l
    myriam-l ·

    Hey Michel, nice to see your show here !

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    mijonju's videos are always on my must watch list! :)

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    Nice one :DD

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    big fan!

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    mijonju rocks :D do one vid in some other languages with subtitle plssss!!! :D hehehe!

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