An Exotic Shooting Experience with the Lomo' Instant


It’s been six months since I first came across the Lomo’Instant on Kickstarter, and it’s finally here! I can’t wait to capture the bits and pieces I love about Hong Kong thorough this nifty camera.

First impression: It’s light and very user-friendly. You can’t even feel the weight after putting it in your bag, that’s why I can’t help but bring it with me everyday.

The most breathtaking characteristic of Lomo’ Instant is its creative photography capabilities, such as multiple exposure, long exposure and the three external lens which create a superb and surprising effects on the photos. The tiny mirror attached near the lens takes extra credit for this amazing instant camera, and it is also an enchantment for girls.

Apart from that, the awesome light sensor of the flash can accurately measure the surrounding light and provide the user with a suitable amount of light, so when you dine with your friends next time, you don’t even have to worry about the quality of the photo — the Lomo’ Instant would definitely do the job for you. Also, you can shut down the flash function anytime, which allows you to take your ideal and satisfying snap shots in every occasion.

written by venustse on 2014-11-04 #gear #review #instant #fuji-instax-mini #instant-camera #instax-mini #lomoinstant


  1. djw
    djw ·

    I would be grateful if someone else could share their experience. I am a bit dissapointed by the quality of the photo, which, under bad light condition, tends to be dark, dark, and darken than dark... despite the fact flash always goes off. I have put light sensor under some rough test, based on pointing my 150lumen headlamp towards the sensor hole, which, suprisingly has not changed flash intensity in any maner... I assume this as very strange. Any experience from your side?

  2. venustse
    venustse ·

    @djw Better take this camera out, shoot with flash off when it is sunny rather than shoot indoor :) You will have better quality of photos

  3. djw
    djw ·

    @venustse of course. this is the only solution

  4. djw
    djw ·

    @venustse of course. this is the only solution

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