Lafayette Hillside Memorial


The Lafayette Hillside Memorial is a collection of crosses, a protest against war as well as a memorial for the US Troops killed in Iraq.

About 30 kilometers east of San Francisco, there is a beautiful small town called Lafayette, where this huge monument is located. Wikipedia calles it the “Lafayette Hillside Memorial”, but personally, I am not sure, if this term is appropriate. To me, this monumental piece of art seems to be a protest against war.

In Late 2006, WWII veteran Johnson Clarc erected 15 crosses on that hill, but they were removed quickly by vandals. Some time later, he added 300 crosses as well as a sign sayig “In Memory of Our Troops”. It seemed as if Lafayette’s community accepted this memorial/protest, as they started decorating the crosses by adding flowers or flags. Only four monts later, the number of erected crosses passed 2500 in number.

Until now, Johnson Clark keeps updating the crosses and the sign’s number about once a week. The last time I went there, the sign displayed the number 5419…

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sad piece of art... Nice shots though.

  2. big_penguin
    big_penguin ·

    Nice shots, especially #3!

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