Park Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Somerset United Kingdom

From the moment me and my girlfriend decided to walk the last twelve miles to the festival I fell in love Glastonbury.

The energy of the people and the place just bounces off each and every person who cascade through the gates. From the many avant-garde artists, performers and lunatics the sense of excitement doesn’t ever leave you once you have attended the festival. Like vampire tasting blood for the first time, it’s leaves you wanting more and more and more.

My personal favourite area of the festival is the Park Stage. As you walk though tall black and white stenciled flowers to enter the area to your right a sand castle of Michael and Emily Eavis faces tickles your sides.
As you walk further up the hill past the many joyous people who surround you, you spot the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’s exactly how I would imagine LSD to be like.

Oddly shaped tables, chairs and beds. People dressed in to most amazing colourful vibrant costumes.
As the legal trip starts to fade you can hear something in the background. Walk a little further up there is a small tent filled to the top with cushions with everyone inside either playing a musical instrument or singing their hearts out. On the outside there are children peeking in with their hands covered in clay from the tent next door.

During the evening It’s just as beautifully crazy and full of the most loving care free people you could ever want to meet.

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