A Car Show from the Eyes of a Lomographer


A car show shot with an LC-A+ using Lomography Color Negative 400

I attended a similar car show last year. Same venue, same lighting conditions. The only difference is the film. This time I was confident with the Lomography Color Negative 400 because it’s ASA rating was perfect for indoors. I used an LC-A+ and consumed 2 rolls. I was happy with the results, slightly grainy but colors were perfect. Contrast was near perfect, colors had a warm shift and slightly saturated compared to a normal negative film. The ambient lighting was trying because there were revolving disco lights so colors were changing nearly every second but that wasn’t really a problem. All my shots came out well, no underexposed shots which I initially expected, but when I got my developed rolls and scans, the ASA 400 film didn’t let me down. I’m actually beginning to like negative films again.

written by stitch on 2010-07-05 #gear #negatives #35mm #review #car-show #lca #lomography-color-negative #asa400


  1. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    love the gallery! would love to try this film. dint use a flash at all right?

  2. stitch
    stitch ·

    hi cinzinc, yep no flash was used, thanks ;)

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