Zaha Hadid Building


Modern building on top of the old viaducts of the no longer used “Wiener Stadtbahn”.

I can’t easily think of any other building in Vienna that has is being hated as well as loved. To me, the Building by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi architect, is an excellent example showing how new buildings can enhance old ones.

In the late 90s, politicians tried to make this area in the 9th district more popular. Somehow, they came up with Zaha Hadid, liked her idea and realized the building in 2005. The Zaha-Hadid-Haus (Zaha Hadid Building), as it is called in Vienna, is built on top of the old, no longer used Viaducts of the “Wiener Stadtbahn”. This seems to be a smart choice, since the building’s edges and corners are a good addition as well as contrast to the curves of the “Wiener Stadtbahn”.

Despite the extraordinary architecture, the building was no success at all. The contruction costs were too high, and there were too less renters. In 2008, however, they tried to make the building more attractive to scholars, but nowadays, it seems as if no one lives there.

written by floriansimon on 2010-04-30 #places #location


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    I like it ! The building on columns seems so fragile...

  2. paramir
    paramir ·

    I love the panorama shots!

  3. rexfuture
    rexfuture ·

    cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! man

  4. rexfuture
    rexfuture ·

    cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! man

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