Testers Wanted!


We want YOU to test the future of our Website and help us make it the best place for all Lomographers.

As you’ve probabaly noticed from the comments in the shoutbox and some of our updates on social media, we started giving out test accounts for our new website last week.

Please keep it mind that we are still about to add a lot of features in the next weeks but would like to get your opinion and feedback early in the process to make it the perfect home for all Lomographers.

If you haven’t heard from us via mail or signed up to the waiting list yet you can still become a tester by simply commenting on this article here. We will collect your lomohomes then and add you to the new site as soon as possible.

See you on next.lomography.com!

written by pan_dre on 2014-10-20 #news #relaunch #new #community #next #dev


  1. sup3r510th
    sup3r510th ·

    I would definitely want to test out the new site to suggest some potential changes. I would have definitely shared more of my shots if it were easier to load photos onto the site, so let me help!

  2. onlinekiwi
    onlinekiwi ·

    I'd be keen to do some testing- let me know if you would like me to help

  3. spacehead
    spacehead ·

    Getting back into analog now that I am able to develop at home! Always up for something new. I would love to be able to help . Long live Lomo!

  4. ladland
    ladland ·

    Happy to test

  5. willpacelinsell
    willpacelinsell ·

    Id be happy to help.

  6. pattylye
    pattylye ·

    Woul love to test the new site!

  7. thonplantes
    thonplantes ·

    Super want it!

  8. cultdaddy
    cultdaddy ·

    hook me up if the offer is still available

  9. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    Yes. Let me be a part.

  10. cmart
    cmart ·

    ok yeah, I might have some input

  11. bethx
    bethx ·

    Yep, I'd like to help!

  12. jaybees80
    jaybees80 ·

    I'm ok to test

  13. dudizm
    dudizm ·

    Testing is my religion

  14. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    Okay! Надо его допиливать :-)

  15. andythet
    andythet ·

    I would love to become A tester, and push the film to its limits

  16. andythet
    andythet ·

    I would love to become A tester, and push the film to its limits

  17. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    I'm up to become a tester! :)

  18. kittycattt
    kittycattt ·

    love 2

  19. jonjonkam
    jonjonkam ·

    I would love to become a tester! Thank you!

  20. priyankamehta13
    priyankamehta13 ·

    Yay, I'm up for it!

  21. priyankamehta13
    priyankamehta13 ·

    Yay, I'm up for it!

  22. chinginingting
    chinginingting ·

    would like to be add up to the new site! :)

  23. marianicole
    marianicole ·

    LOMO = LOve Maria's Opinions

  24. laritza
    laritza ·

    Yes, happy to test!! :D

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