Converting the Smena 35 into a Wide-Angle Monster


You can use a wide-angle converter designed for digital camcorders to give the Smena 35 the equivalent of a 20mm super wide-angle lens.

The 30.5mm to 37mm step up ring fits right inside the focus ring of the Smena.

I purchased a cokin Digital Lens 050 wide-angle converter designed for camcorders. It is technically a .5x converter. That means that it will multiply the focal length of any lens that you put it in front of by .5. In other words, it will convert the focal length of the primary lens (the one that’s built into the camera) to half of whatever it normally is. The converter comes with several step up rings. Step up rings let you screw the converter into different thread sizes.

The Smena 35 is not threaded, but you can just screw it on. The metal will cut the threads and stay on there very securely. Notice that you still have access to the Aperture/Film Speed ring.

Once you’ve fitted the step up ring to the Smena 35, you can screw in the converter like this

It sticks out a bit, but it’s very secure and it doesn’t obscure the primary lens.

The Smena has a 40mm lens which is considered wide-angle, but just barely. One of the most important features of the Smena’s big brother, the LC-A, is that it has a 32mm lens which is much wider and much more useful. Wider lenses make it easier to compose pictures. They make it easier to take pictures indoors because you don’t have to step back as far to include lots of people in a shot or take pictures of people while you’re sitting at a table or standing in a small kitchen. Wider lenses also make it easier to focus because wide-angle lenses have a greater depth of field. That means that more stuff is in focus when you use the same aperture. The .5x converter turns the 40mm lens on the Smena into a 20mm lens! That’s a wider field of view than the LC-A or even the legendary Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. I will definitely be using the converter whenever possible all of my Smena shots from now on. The converter makes everything look farther away to the camera, so you compensate by focusing farther out than where your subject actually is. Here are some comparison shots:

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    Great tip ;)

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    Shot 3 is great! My Smena 35 is my first lomo camera. I don't use it as much as I should really!

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    I wasn't sure the Smana 35 could be improved. I was wrong.

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