Wonderful Lensless Photographs Taken with the Holga 135 Pinhole Camera

Stay still, open the lens and snap it shut. Voila, you’ve just taken a pinhole photo with your Holga!

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Take everything that you like about the medium format Holga, cram it all on 35mm film and you’ve got yourself the Holga 135 camera. Strip it further to the most fundamental shooting style and you get a light-tight pinhole camera. The *Holga 135 Pinhole Camera* combines the old school charm of the Holga camera and the convenience of 35mm film into one neat package that will make you a certified pinhole shooter. Let these sample shots from the community show you how going lensless can be a good Lomo experiment and maybe even a great pastime.

Credits: lomography, lry12, bongofury, weedos, wuxiong, hueypierce & neanderthalis

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written by cheeo on 2014-09-25 #lifestyle #pinhole #holga-135 #lensless

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