Patient Picturetaking

Well, I am sure you are familiar with a situation like walking somewhere and thinking “I need to come here with a camera”.

Same thing happened to me on the dark streets of Haifa and I’ve decided to borrow a tripod from a friend and ask my girlfriend Rena and yet another friend (Marina) for a good company (you’ll see her portraits soon).

In short, I was shooting almost without a flash. The exposure times went from 40 seconds to several minutes. I really wanted to “feel” it and luckily (touch wood) I’ve got the negatives perfectly in balance :) Switching lenses, sometimes forwarding a film between the shots. I’ve managed to get those illusions collages that look like watercolors on canvas. The contrast is very soft, yet the picture is deep and I’ve decided to stay with the slight color tones after the scanning.

PS: On the only daylight picture you can see Chomsky – our friend’s best friend :)

written by breakphreak on 2010-07-13 #gear #black-and-white #120 #review #long-exposure #b-w #multiple-exposure #diana-f #various-lenses

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