Missy Di Is My New Love


It was all ’cause of my hubby I got the Diana Mini, but I never thought I could love her so much!

I own about 6-7 Lomography Cameras, including the Frogeye, Diana F+ and Actionsampler. So, the last time I had accumulated a bunch of piggies, I was considering buying either the instant back for my Diana F+ or the Pop 9. And right when I was about the hit “check out” on the Lomo Shop, my hubby said, “Why don’t you get the Diana Mini?”. I always thought he’d object, since I had the Diana but his logic was simple. “You have the Actionsampler, which is sort of similar to Pop 9, and we don’t have the instant films in Turkey so you’ll only use it once.” and well, Pop 9 is still on the list of Lomo’s to buy but he was right about the instant back.

So instead, I turned to Diana Mini!

And then it arrived, this tiny little box thats the cutest thing ever!! Ok, it does chew up film once in a while but its just a little baby!!

Really, it is so small and light that it never leaves my bag (well Diana F+ didn’t until Mini came either but…). It feels a lot easier to use! Especially that 0.6m zoom!!! I mean, it serves better to rule no. 5, get close! And I get to combine photos as I wish with the half frame mode! I even scan more than 2 together to get an even cuter look!! It does sometimes tear up the sprockets of the film and gets stuck that half the film goes to waste, unused. Other times, I roll the film with no problems but oh well, a cute little princess like her should get to be a little spoiled!

So now Diana Mini never leaves my side and I shoot a lot more than I used to thanks to her half frame more!

written by nural on 2010-06-14 #gear #fun #piggies #review #light #colors #diana-mini #always-by-my-side


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Good article and beautiful photos. I think one way to avoid the film being stuck or torn is that you should not shift the frame too much ( that is when loaded , don't change the frame size often, from half frame to square or either way) . I usually shoot the whole roll same size and the film is always good. Anyway, the little Diana is so cute and lovely, and I don't make her work too hard, hahaha.... enjoy::))

  2. kvboyle
    kvboyle ·

    Great article and pictures - I love my Dmini too, and she's so light that there's always room for her in my bag. I agree with wuxiong, btw, I don't often change the format mid film and I haven't had a film ripping incident yet. As you say, she's just a baby, after all!

  3. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    I had the same problem when I loaded my first film. Just wind on gently and stop when it´s getting harder to turn. Then you shouldn´t have these problems any more. Lovely story and nice photos!

  4. paramir
    paramir ·

    lovely review and gallery! never had the ripping problem yet - I believe It was said in the manual of the mini to switch the frame size before advancing the film... anyway, this is what I do, and I switched frame after frame for a few films with no problem... (yet) :)

  5. wardboy77
    wardboy77 ·

    Great article, I've just shot my first xpro film with my Diana Mini and I'm well chuffed. I like that you have other cameras and your excitement for this camera still shines through. The Diana Mini truly is a little gem and turns out pictures with its own unique style. Square photos rule ;)

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