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At The Diana World Tour London we asked a series of top British artists to make some customized Diana+ for us. Some you can still use while others will be forever on art lock-down where their sole purpose will be to look beautiful!

Customised Clones Exhibition (All of April {and maybe a little bit of May too})

At The Diana World Tour London we asked a series of top British artists to make some customized Diana+ for us. Some you can still use while others will be forever on art lock-down where their sole purpose will be to look beautiful!

Take a look here or pop down to The Lomography Gallery Store London 3 Newburgh Street London W1F 7RE – 020 74341466

Collaborators include:

Nik Ninety writer, singer/songwriter, percussionist, beat boxer, graphic designer and painter. Most of the books and packaging that you can find at Lomography have received his magic touch.

Chris Bracey is to signs what water is to man. He makes them, restores them, collects them and then they end up all over the world and in movies (Eyes Wide Shut, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Batman are just a few) now LGS London will go on his hit list!

Philip Treacy is quite possibly the best milliner in the world producing some of the most outrageous yet wearable hats. We quite literally forced ourselves upon him to do a customisation catching him right in the middle of London/Paris/Milan fashion weeks!

Beyond The Valley are our neighbors; fashion dictators and they also sometimes use our coffee machine. A collective of creatives so close to the store was a no brainer. From them we will have a group of clones fighting their way to the limelight
They give us an entire collection!

Natalie Ann Earl is a local Scouser we literally fished from outside the store as she was snapping away on her fisheye. When she discussed the Essex edition we had to chuck her a Diana+ to pimp up!

Rachel Ortas is Artist In Residence at Central Saint Martins, Illustration tutor at CSM and LCC and a hugely successful artist and illustrator famous for her AiAi characters and out-of-this-world imagination.

Jon Burgerman Do we need to say anything about this larger than life artist, doodler, illustrator and animator of the moment? We think that he is capable of drawing anything onto anywhere and we are truly honoured to have him work his magic on one of our Diana Clones.

Craig Atkinson is an independent artist, illustrator and publisher of indie, art-house, limited edition books at the supremely interesting Café Royal Books.

Kate Moross is the second of our big-name, free drawn artists and illustrators. A HUGE talent whose work is seen everywhere from Nike, Topshop, Khiels, Sony, The Big Issue in a multitude of forms – clothes, illustrations, flyers, ads – you name it, she can do it.

Okido is a kid’s science and art magazine that shows the wondrous, scientific aspects or our world using some of the most talented illustrators in the country. What they will produce with their Diana Clone only their wild imagination knows!

Jody Barton is the third of our bold and brave hand drawn maestros – another analog fan as it were! Typography and powerful imagery abound.

Rob Ryan is yet another analog-perfect partner. This guy cuts paper with a knife for heck’s sake…what a perfect collaborator for a Diana+. Now with a gallery shop of his own we welcome him into the Lomography Gallery Store London.

Tatty Devine is famous for bright, witty and inventive jewelry, with designer/owners Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden meeting at Chelsea School of Art and now fronting a massively creative business with two gorgeous London stores.

Sharon Elphick is the second gallery owner, curator and artist to be lured by the beauty of the Diana+. Working in old-fashioned etching and decoupage of analog photographs this is a match made in analog heaven!

Dean Zeus Colman not only has the coolest middle name on earth, he also used it as his Tag, which could be seen throughout London in the mid-80s. He has worked with big names in Hip-Hop and also a chance encounter with a real (not plastic) royal teaching Prince Charles how to spray paint.

Bob Crowley is the most insanely creative scenic designer the world of theatre has ever seen. He has more Tony awards than the Diana+ has accessories. It was a no brainer that Bob had to interpret the Diana+ for us

Time Out…The ONLY thing worth reading about London right now, and has been for many a year. This guide just totally gets Lomography and we are delighted to have them on board as collaborators and life-long buddies of Lomography.

Chateau Roux Is a London label launched in 2006. They quickly established themselves with their unique blend of bespoke hand printed tees and vests, their iconic, bold graphics and of course their shot blasted sweatshirts and hoodies.

Social Suicide manufacture beautiful suits and jackets… but they are also much more! They are stories, fables, comments, debates; details have reason, fibres have morals.

James Brown illustrator and screen printer of heritage-meets-fantasy text at General Pattern is one of the most interesting printers out there with a glorious eye for beauty and humour.

Zakee Shariff is one of the most gifted print and pattern makers out there. With a history in fine art and illustration, fashion and textiles, interior and product design, styling, publishing, and art direction there is not much that she can’t do!

Wasi AKA Betty Steeles played at LGS London opening and since then EVERYONE has been desperate for more. Her story is quite normal, growing up in calm sunny Swindon town living in her garden in a tent.

Joe Hunter and Adam Thorpe from Vexed Generation fame are working away on two wonderful clones for us. Outspoken on issues such as air pollution, urban surveillance and civil liberties we are likely to find something utterly thought provoking from this creative team.

Join us!

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    half of those are crap! i think i could have done a better job...

  4. lomographysoholondon
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    @minty sorry they didn't meet your hight standards... we will try harder next time :)

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    ooops... please don't correct my grammar

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    perfect - like the one with the beard-necklace the most ;)

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    WOW!! Im speechless! LSI: can we have a diana customisation competition? :P

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    Wow... Super love this post.

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    amazing results. I'm sitting here with my mouth and eyes wide open.

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    Absolutely creative! I can't decide which of them is the most beautiful. Really great!

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    my favorites are Rachel Orta's and Social Suicide's creations :D

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    Natalie Ann Earl'one make me scream I WAN' IT NOW!! WHAT A FUUUUUUUK!!!!!!!

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