The New Lomography Lifestyle Section: Submission Guidelines


We introduce you to the brand new Lifestyle Section! Catering to community members and analogue fans alike who are eager to find and share inspiring and meaningful analogue coverage – from short essays, real life stories, special interest pieces, projects, as well as critiques, discussions and interviews!

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Analogue Lifestyle

The Analogue Lifestyle section caters to community members and analogue enthusiasts who wish to share and discover what’s happening in the world. From short essays and real life stories, to special interest pieces and critiques, this section examines all things analogue!

Submission Guidelines

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These submission guidelines show you what we are looking for in an Analogue Lifestyle piece. We want to encourage personal style and freedom but also point out several things to keep in mind when submitting an article. Remember, these are guidelines and not rules! The Lifestyle section is for Lomographers and analogue enthusiasts, so have fun writing!


Photo by: eva_eva

We want you to share the many ways in which analogue and especially analogue photography is a part of your life. Be thoughtful and creative, and try to include vital facts such as your personal background, experience and specifications of the equipment used. And of course feel free to express your personal view as well!

What is the main message of your piece?

The summary is the text which appears in the teaser box and gives a reader a quick overview of why they will find this piece interesting. You should try to answer the basic who, where, what, why and when questions in a maximum of 3 lines. This text should appear at the top of every entry above the header photo.

Content: (Should be 200 to 500 words)

  • In the introduction, please include a few words about yourself if it relates to a personal story, project or essay. Give a short overview of the topic you are writing about.
  • The body text of your piece should be well edited, clear and concise. Try to keep your writing structured, interesting, informative and upbeat. Give credit by referencing/linking properly and also keep in mind specifics; for example, mention particular cameras you use.
  • Try to wrap up your text by being conclusive and giving the reader something to take away. You may wish to close your piece with a thought provoking question or encourage debate in the comments section below.

Links & References:
If you use information from another site please mention this and make the appropriate references.

Minimum 5 tags per entry. Tags make it easier for another reader to find your piece. Imagine you have read the article and are now trying to find it again – Which keywords would you put in to locate it? Try to answer the questions below in your tags.

  • Context – What are some related issues of interest to your post? For example, design, education, cinematography, art history…

  • Theme – Which words can you use to suggest the overall theme of your story? These could include winter sports, teenagers, family…

  • What are the specific cameras, film types or techniques used? 

  • What locations, venues, events and people are relevant?


Photo by: abcdefuck

Pictures are a central part of published submissions. For a Lifestyle piece a minimum of 4 pictures are required, including a header photo which will be the ‘face’ of your piece. Make an effort to choose appropriate and interesting pictures for your article.

Examples of Analogue Lifestyle articles:

Photo by: eva_eva

Personal Story: While these examples are from Lomographers, we would like to see stories from all analogue walks of life!
The Importance of Lomography by mattcharnock
Diversity in an Analogue World - The Beauty by scootiepye

Special Interest Piece: Whether historically significant to the practice of analogue photography or tidbits from analogue collectors, these articles examine analogue photography from a unique perspective.
Historic Photography Questions: The Apollo XI Crew Wants to Take a Picture in Space by ringo

Projects: What people are doing in the world out there to keep the analogue movement alive
Wallpeople: The Largest Mural in Town!
Ghetto Nuevo, Venezia

Anonymous Snapshots from the Half Frame Camera

Interviews: With professional photographers, award winners, photojournalists and the like
Passionate Pinholes with Justin Quinnell

And Remember! Any published submission that fulfills one of the monthly Submission Requests topics will receive 10 Piggy Points!

Got any comments, questions or feedback? Any ideas to help us make the Magazine better? Make a comment on this post or contact Aaron / Gaby if you want to discuss something in detail!

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