Hole Punch Paper Mask

Have you heard about pinholes? Yes, of course! In fact there’s a Holga without it’s lens. How about hole punch? No? Well, this Tipster will have you peeking through a lot of holes, literally!

“Take the mask of your camera off. Cut a piece of hard paper with the same size (6.5×7cm). With a hole punch, make as many holes as you like (if you don’t want hole, you can try any other shape. Just cut it in the paper.) With tape, stick the paper to the camera. Make sure it doesn’t move. Put the film as you always do (The film must be over the paper mask), close the camera and start shooting. Only the holes (or the shapes you have chosen) will let the light enter. You will have little holes showing what you’ve shot.”

The world in holes… or holes in the world."__ – by renata_v

written by fookshit on 2010-04-15 #gear #tutorials #diy #tips #filters #tipster #holga #holga-book #hole-punch #quick-holga-tips-part-5

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